Do You Know This Guy?

In the Midst of All the Crazy Bearing Down Hard Heat,

This Delightful Chap Appeared at Our Window.  Peeking In.



The Indoor Family Cats, Saw Him First.  Perched at Their Posts.



Well, We Think He’s a He.

Big Head.  Muscular Body.  Tough Guy.  With a Sweet Smile.


Our First Issue…Mistake(?)  We Gave Him a Name.  I Know…It Couldn’t Be Helped.


Meet Thackery.


So Here’s the Question.  Is Thackery a Stray or a Feral Cat?


Let’s Put Him Through the Paces to See What’s What.

Socialization to Humans

Thackery Found Us.  Walked Up to the House and Looked in the Window.

Strays may approach people, houses, porches, cars.

Feral Cats will Not Approach and will Likely Seek Places to Hide to Avoid People.



Socialization to Other Cats

Thackery Appears to Be All Alone in the World.

Strays will live Alone.  Not Part of a Group.

Ferals may belong to a Cat Colony.



Body Language

Thackery Walks with His Tail Held High.  He Makes Eye Contact.

Strays will Walk like a House Cat.  Tail High.

Feral Cats stay Low to the Ground and Protect the Body with the Tail.




Thackery meows.

Strays may be Vocal.

Ferals won’t Meow, Beg or Purr.




Thackery Stops By Early Morning and Again at Dinnertime.

Strays are Visible in the Daytime

Ferals are More Likely to be Nocturnal.  Only Occasionally Out During the Day.



Physical Appearance

Thackery has a Dirty Coat.  In Need of a Loving Brushing.  Pointy Ears.

Strays will probably be Dirty or Disheveled.  No Clipped Eartip.

Ferals will have a Clean, Well-kept Coat.  Will have a Clipped Eartip if Neutered.



Meet Thackery.  A Stray Cat.

Thank You Alley Cat Allies for the Wealth of Information.


But What Next?

Does He Have a Family?  Did He Have a Family?

Where is His Family?

Until We or He Figures This Out, We Promise to Consistently Feed and Water.  2X/Day.

When the Inside Cats Eat, Thackery Eats Too.

And Keeping Him Fed Will Stop Him From Attacking the Birds and Lizards.


Will Thackery Be Allowed Inside?



But Herein Lies a Bit of a Problem…

When We Weren’t Looking…Thackery Stole Our Hearts.

We’ll Keep Him Safe.  We’ll Love Him from Afar.


Would You Happen to Know His Family?

Now That Would Be Magical.

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