Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Soup Pot…Or How To Own a Vacation Rental on a Shoestring Budget

At Home in New Mexico, We’re at Triple Digits Every Day.  Still.

Our Vacation Home/Rental is in Steamy Florida.  Sunny Soup Pot.


Because of Our Crazy Life, It’s Been Almost 2 Years Since We Spent Time in the Florida House.

And Now, Finally, a Visit to See How the House is Doing.

Oh, Yes, and To Relax and Enjoy Some Family Vacation Time.



5 Years Ago.  We Bought the House.  A Pool House.


Prices in Florida Were Scary Low and We Took a Chance and Bought a House From Photos on the Internet.

An Investment Property for Us.



Which Means the House Will Be Rented.

And That’s Good.  But…

There’ve Been Lots of Hiccups Along the Way.



In Past Years, We’ve Gone Back to the House to Find Destroyed Rugs.  Broken Dishes.  Lost Silverware.


But Freaking Out Doesn’t Add to the Vacation Theme Ambiance.



Thinking About a Vacation Rental to Own???

Here are Some Vacation Rental Rules for a Positive Rental Investment Experience…



The First Rule of a Vacation Rental…Keep the Décor Simple.

Forget the Rugs.  Fancy Curtains.  Elaborate Bedding.


Instead Fill the House with Hotel White Bedding and Towels.

Simple Quilts.  Bed Pillows.

Think Hyatt With a Soul.

Comfortable Seating with Removable/Washable Covers.  Ikea is King.

Clear Surfaces.  Simple Lighting.

Tide, Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing and Oxyclean Spray are My Go-To Cleaning Saviors to Keep it All Fresh.



Vacation Rental Rule 2…There Will Be Silly Mishaps.  Go With the Flow.

I Put Good Quality Hangers in the Bedrooms.

Color Coordinated to Each Room. Those Fun Velvet Ones.   Couldn’t Resist.

Gone After the First Year.  Hmm.



Did I Replace with Plastic?  No.  I Like the Look and Hopefully These Sets Will Stay Put.

Then There’s My Funky Turquoise Beachy Rug Story.

Fabulous But Not a Good Look With Gunky Black Boot Marks…

Rug Pulled Up and Gone.  Tile Floors are Perfect.  The End.



Vacation Rental Rule 3…Set Aside One Day for Heavy Laundry Loads.

Try the Local Laundromat to Do those Infamous College Loads.

All the Bedding.  Curtains.  Towels.

Sparkly.  Stains Gone.  Whiter than White.



Vacation Rental Rule 4…Throw Out the Worn and Shabby.

Towels.  Coffee Pot.  Chipped Plates.  Pool Floats.

Out.  A Quick Shopping Trip for Replacements is a Fun Adventure.

Ahh Florida…You’ve Got to Love a Grocery Store that Sells Milk with Crabby Pool Floats.

Publix. 🙂



Walmart.  TJ Maxx.  Fun and Cheap…the Mantra.



Vacation Rental Rule 5…Take a Half Day for Paint Touch Ups and Outdoor Projects.

Touch Up Paint on Doors.  Cabinets.

Clean Out Gutters.  Clean Windows.  Clean and Organize Bathrooms.

Throw Out Clutter in the Garage.

Then Stop.

Pack a Lunch.  Go to the Beach.



Vacation Rental Rule 6…Leave Space for Your Guests/Tenants.

Empty Closets, Wardrobes, Dressers.  Fill with Plenty of Hangers.

Empty Food Pantry.



Vacation Rental Rule 7…Do All the Jobs First.  Leave Time for Enjoyment.


Truth Be Told…I Don’t Always Follow My Own Rules.

On This Trip, There Were Some Tears.  Maybe From Exhaustion.

Or Frustration.  But, We Pitched In and Got It All Done.

Maybe Next Time We Need to Add Some Days on the Back End To Allow for Cleaning on the Front End.

Does That Make Sense?

Always Looking for the Magic.

Love These Funny Matching Smiles.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Soup Pot…Or How To Own a Vacation Rental on a Shoestring Budget

  1. Your mermaid house looks great. So happy you decided to keep it. A week is definitely not long enough, but really glad we got to spend some quality time together.

  2. Not as crazy as that, Calen…just tenants…but when all is said and done, we are most thankful for their tenancy. 🙂

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