Thanksgiving in July. Florida Food. Being Thankful.

Family and Friends are Scattered Across the Globe.

I Miss the Family Holiday Celebrations, When All Lived Blocks from Each Other.

And Holiday Parties with Friends, When Around the Corner Was The Farthest Point We Had to Travel.

Always On Foot.

This July, We All Found Ourselves in Florida at the Very Same Time.

In the Very Same Town.

With Much to Celebrate and Be Thankful For.

We Did Thanksgiving!

Turkey, Stuffing, Potatoes and Cranberry Chutney.

Traditional with a Splash.


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A Turkey Breast Stood in for the Big Bird.


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The Cranberry Chutney was the Best I Ever Tasted….I Need to Write for the Recipe.


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And Dessert.

Ice Cream Pies are Perfect in the Sizzling July Heat.




Sparkly Decorated Cookies.  Baked in an Air Conditioned Kitchen.



All Pool Side.



Both In and Out of the Pool.



Maybe Not What the Pilgrims Envisioned…But It Works Beautifully.


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Time to Catch Up on Marriages, Babies and Each Other.

And to Give Thanks.



Once the At-Home Feasting was Done, We Spent Time Together Enjoying Wonderfully Crazy Florida.

And the Unique Florida Food.  Check Out these Offerings.

First Up, a Store/Gift Shoppe Devoted to Oranges.



Directly Across the Lot is a Waffle House.

Open 24 Hours.



Waffle House Coffee.  The Never-Empty Cup.



Even in a Mirror-Reflection, It’s Noisy and Silly and Fun.



We Met the Ultimate Short Order Cook.

Look How Calm and Methodical this Cook is…I’d Be Freaking Out(!)



Waffle House Air Conditioning is So Frigid…Hot Chocolate is in Order.

In July.


Breakfast Food Any Time.

Classic Eggs and Hash Browns.



Southern Grits.   I Could Eat This Every Day.



Grits and Eggs and Raisin Toast.



And, of course, Waffles.  As Big as Your Head.  With a Splash of Syrup.



How About a Florida Beach Restaurant for Lunch?

Directly Across the Street from the Gulf.



Filled with Sandy Feet.  Wet Hair.  And No Cares.




Our Usual Menu Choices Always Taste Better When Gazing at the Water.

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Clam Chowder.

Pierced by a Mighty Bamboo Sword.




Kids Meal Pizza and Fries…I Know…I Know, Pick Your Battles.

What Happens on Vacation, Stays on Vacation….or something like that. 🙂



Cheeseburger, Fries and a Kosher Dill.




Caesar Salad with Chicken and Banana Bread.



And After Many Dips in the Sea, It’s Time for a Fancy Florida Dinner. 

Directly Across from the River.

Where Dressing Up in Summer Frocks Sets the Stage.  Lovely.



Caesar.  Again.  Just Call Me, Julius.



Plain Old Salad Made New with Tangy Creamy Dressing and Bacon.




Shrimp and Cauliflower.



Meat-Lover’s Steak, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower.



Shrimp Scampi.



Celebrating Winter Holidays in July with Family and Friends.

What a Wonderful Idea.  We Do Have Much to Be Thankful For.

Thank you, Dear Friend, for Thinking of It.

Love You All.  Magic.



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