The Birthday Bagel Cutter Boogie Woogie.

Today.  My Birthday.

A Sort Of, Kind Of, Big Birthday.  In a Chronological Kind of Way.

Social Security Thinks it’s a Big Birthday.  🙂


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I Was Told I Could Get Whatever I Wanted as a Gift.


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I Mentioned, In Passing, That We Need a Bagel Cutter So These Girls Don’t Slice Off Their Fingers.

Every Morning.  The Slice-Off-Your-Finger Threat  is Very Real.


Way Back When Mr. Doodle Was in High School, He Did Just That.

We Certainly Don’t Want a Repeat of That Fiasco.


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Birthday Morning.

Ta Dah!


My Birthday Wish is Granted.


The Bagel Guillotine.



But How Does This Contraption Work?



Lucky for Me, My Gift Came with a Special Birthday Bagel Cutter Demonstration.

And a Little Shaky Leg Boogie Woogie Too.


Click HERE to Do the Bagel Cutter Boogie Woogie!



A Magical Day.   A Magical Life.

Always with a Dash of Silliness.

Old, You Say?  Old!

Not in This Life Time, Thank You Very Much!


8 thoughts on “The Birthday Bagel Cutter Boogie Woogie.

  1. Priceless! When Ms Doodle says “oy yoy yoy”, you know she is a true bagel devotee … and that her mom is a New Yorker! I got one of these (not as pretty) about seven years ago for the same reason, so my grandsons wouldn’t cut their fingers off! Had to really search for one though! That all being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA JEANNE! I have no doubt your very creative family has a great day planned!

    1. Thank you Suzee…this crowd certainly makes birthdays special…and that crazy bagel cutter…no one here even knew what I was talking about…glad we now have it and that it works like a charm.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (LATE…)! What a great gift. Looked a bit hard to push? I hope your birthday was great and you got to do something out of the ordinary silliness! (And who said anything about old??? We’re barely in our prime!)

    1. Thanks Calen…since I celebrate the birthday month…you’re right on time. The difficulty pushing was all about the drama…that kid…and of course, we are most definitely in our prime…prime of what, I’m not sure, but prime just the same. Hope you are well. 🙂

  3. I realise I am extremely late to the party but a belated Happy Birthday, nonetheless! I love kitchen gadgets but have a habit of getting them then resorting to old methods. Although bagels are a rarity in our house – we’re all abou the crumpets!

    1. Thank you Haylee…I’m not sure I know what crumpets are…But I know crumpets are bread and I’m all about the bread. Breakfast and Bread. Perfect. The girls love bagels and faithfully use the bagel cutter…my current breakfast passion is coffee and a croissant…keeping it international. 🙂

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