A Short Tale of a Long Journey

Kids in the Hospital.

A Story We’ve Been in the Throes of for Over a Year.

We’re Almost Done.   That’s What All Bets are Riding On.



This was One More Test to Be Double Triple Sure that the Final Hospital Stay Will be the Final One.

A Standard Test.

Short and Sweet.  The End.

Mom…Dad is Much Better at the Hospital for This Stuff than You Are.



So I was at Work.  Watching the Time.  Trying to Concentrate.

1:00.      1:15.      1:25.    1:45.


Then the Call from Mr. Doodle.   In the Background I Could Hear Her Screaming.

The Test Had to be Stopped.



I Did What So Many Parents with Sick Kids Do…I Dropped Everything and Raced to Be By Her Side.



Doctor Teams.  Pain Meds.  Tears.  Frightened Eyes.

But This Time, We are Better Informed.

We Know the Protocol.  The Drill.   What Questions to Ask.

There Really is Power in Knowledge.

And We Will Use this Power to Navigate through the Next Hurdles.

Together as a Team.



Where We Know There is Magic.





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