A YouTube Summer Tale. Hold the Swim Goggles.

Summer and Reading.

I know, It Doesn’t Quite have the Same Ring as Summer and Swimming(!)



Or Summer and Slushies(!)



But Somehow We Needed to Glamorize Reading for Miss Doodle 2.

Help Her Get Past Her Aversion to Reading.

And in My Mind, Summer was the Opportunity to Do Just That.



But Reading is NOT FUN.  I Hate Reading.  Why Can’t I Do FUN STUFF?

So I Braced Myself and Asked Her the Ultimate Question…

  What Do YOU Think is FUN?


Hmmm…Think Fast.  How to Combine YouTube and Reading and Fun?

First a Bit of Research.

She Showed Me Some of Her YouTuber Favorites.   I Watched.  I Listened.  I Tried to Understand.

The Magic Hook for Each One was Originality.

The YouTuber Creates Original Material and Publishes It to the World.

Now We’re Getting Somewhere.



What If YOU Created a Story of Your Very Own.  Unique.  Special.  Exciting.  Silly.

Fun.  And Put It on YouTube!

And This Is How We Came to Have a YouTuber Summer.



First Hurdle Done.

OK.  Mom.  But I Have Nothing to Write About.

It’s Always Best to Write About What You Know.

I Know About Disneyland.



And Write About What You Like.

I Like Cats.



Disneyland and Cats.  Coming Right Up.

All this is a Build-Up for the Tale…

Disneyland, A Crazy Cat Adventure




Written.  Illustrated.  Acted.  Filmed.  By Miss Doodle 2.




Summer Magic on a Back-To-School Week.

Wave Good Bye to Summer.    Hello Teachers.

Now YOU Can Work Your Magic!

Thank You.  Enjoy.  🙂


4 thoughts on “A YouTube Summer Tale. Hold the Swim Goggles.

  1. This is so wonderful and brilliant! As someone who was involved in the writing world for children for many years, I see this as an innovative way to encourage kids to write and might be the way of the future. If that’s the case, is it so bad? Maybe it’s okay to say we write stories and make them visual at the same time. I love it! Great job!

    1. I wish I could say it hasn’t been a battle…slow and steady progress, yes, but I admit my patience gets worn thin pretty quick by the resistance. But maybe this is an avenue for kids and reading.

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