Finally. Thankfully. Air Travel Done Right!

Thank You JetBlue and JFK.

You are Our Saving Grace for Extended Layover Air Travel.

Here’s the Poop on This Fabulous Discovery.



For Our Latest Jaunt to Florida, We Had Credit on JetBlue and It Only Made Sense to Use the Credit.



One Problem…JetBlue has ONE Flight from Albuquerque.

A Midnight Red Eye to New York JFK.



Leave at Midnight.  Arrive in NYC at 6AM.



Our First Leg of the Trip to Florida.  By Way of NYC.

Of course from JFK, JetBlue has TONS of Flights to Everywhere.


Good Morning NYC!



Decent Coffee and a Croissant.  Breakfast for the Flight.


A Quick Hop to Fort Myers.  In Florida by 10AM.  Done.



About 12 Hours of Travel Time.  Albuquerque to NYC to Fort Myers. 

But Finally.  Safe and Sound in Florida.



Hello Fort Myers.  Florida.



Hello Florida.  6 Days.



Flying Back to Albuquerque is Another Tale.



Fort Myers to JFK.  Easy. Peasy.

BUT…the ONLY JetBlue Flight from JFK to Albuquerque is an 8PM Flight.

Arrive Back in Albuquerque at 10:30 PM.  (Midnight Eastern Time)

Doing the Math.  This Leaves a SIX HOUR LAYOVER in JFK.




No Escape.  Trapped Like Rats.

A Totally Captive Audience.  With Rolling Carry On Luggage.  Backpacks Filled with Shells.

And Kids.



I Suspect You’ve Been There.  Done That.  Right?



During Those Crazy Long Layovers, Wouldn’t It Be Wonderful to Sit Outside in the Sunshine?

Get Some Fresh Air without Leaving the Airport and Re-Wrestling with Security?

It Was At the Moment When I Was Ready to Break Through Security, That We Discovered This:




I Mean, Really, How Sweet is This!



A Green Space in the Sky.



Tables and Chairs.  Wooden Decks.



Astro Turf Mounds for Lounging.




While We Wait.




With Wonderful, Breathable Views of the Sky.



There are Blue Padded Mats for Cartwheels.



Over and Over.



Watching Planes Take Off.



We Also Spent Time in the Kids Area.



Flight Simulator in Motion.



And Did Some Goofy NYC Souvenir Shopping.  With Sale Prices.






New York Spring Water.  Springs USA.



Lady Liberty.



Walking the Corridors.  Safely on This Side of Security.





We Had Time to Watch a Concert.



As People Continuously Rolled By.



He Kept Right On Playing.



Such a Pleasant Spot.  This Outdoor Green Space in the Sky.




Should You Get Stuck at JetBlue JFK, Check It Out.




We Had Time for Dinner at an Internet Café.



Before Boarding the Flight for Home.




Maybe Other Airports and Airlines Have Green Spaces.

I Will Certainly Be on the Look Out.



Thank You JFK and JetBlue.

Thanks for a Magical Breath of Air Amidst All the Craziness.

A Respite in the Storm.

5 thoughts on “Finally. Thankfully. Air Travel Done Right!

  1. Well, I’ll bear all that in mind next time I’m at JFK. Loved the roof garden and guy with the guitar, but I’m still trying to get over the Trump chocolate; just wait till I tell the blokes down the pub! Was it meant to be serious? Anything like that over here would be laughed at, whoever the politician was. A great photo account!

  2. Ha! Serious? With this President? I guess because JFK airport is named for President John F. Kennedy, the gift shops have lots of presidential souvenirs…including president #45. We actually bought the chocolate for a snack…cheap chocolate in price and taste. 🙂

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