Once Upon a Time in Brooklinen. A Mystery Solved.

A Long Time Ago.  In a Place Far, Far Away.

A Princess Lived and Worked.  Loved and Had Fun.



Her Home was in an Antique Brownstone in Brooklyn.



The Princess and her Brownstone were filled with Light and Laughter.



The Princess Was Very Much at Home in Brooklyn.



But Time Moved Forward and the Princess Moved On.

Work Transported Her to the Far Reaches of the Land of the West.



To a New Home.  To a New and Very Different Life.

She Was Happy.

But in the West, No One Knew She was a Princess.



And After a Time, She Forgot She was a Princess Too.

But She Found a Love and a Family to Call Her Own.



The Story Could End Here.  It Almost Did.

But Then Something Magical Happened.


Brooklinen, a Tiny Company Nestled in the Borough of Brooklyn, Found Its Way to the Princess.



An On-Line Internet Only Company.

Brooklinen has Luscious Linens.  Created for a Princess.

And the Price is Not Reserved for Royals.



Brooklinen Linens are Quietly Wrapped and Delivered in a Burlap Sack.  



Shipped with Sweet Soap for the First Wash before Using.



She Loved the Feel of the Linens.  The Pinstripes Reminded Her of the Yankees and Home.

100% Cotton.  Of Course.

And Hopefully, These Linens Will Give Her a Restful Sleep.



But First, Down to Work.  Laundry Action.

Pop the Linens in the Wash.



Carefully Line Dry.



Under the Sunniest of Sunny Blue Skies.



The Linens Feel Luxurious.  The Smell is Heavenly. 



All Dried.  Folded.  Ready.

Time to Make the Bed.  Everyone Wants to Help.



Cool to the Touch Cotton.   Soft yet Crisp.



Filled with Sunshine.  Perfect Fit.  Hugging All the Curves and Corners.

Very Nice.



Now for the Secret Princess Test.


Just Before Bedtime, Her Love Gently Slips a Tiny Bean Under the Mattress.



No One Dares Tell.



Is Mom Really a Princess?



Morning Comes Early.  As Work and School Mornings Usually Do.

So How Did You Sleep?



I Love these Brooklinen Sheets.

But I Feel So Achy.  I Tossed and Turned All Night.



It Almost Feels Like There is a Rock in this Bed.

  My Glasses, Please.



What’s This?  A Bean Under the Mattress!



Another True Princess is Found.



Everyone Knows Brooklinen Linens are Most Suitable for Princesses.



Princesses Like Me.


Thanks Brooklinen.

This is Not a Sponsored Post.  I Just Thought You’d Like to Know.

Maybe You’ll Find Your Inner Princess Too.  Magic.

9 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Brooklinen. A Mystery Solved.

  1. Now you’ve really done it! Linens from Brooklyn! Just voted this your best blog ever … having recently joined several websites such as Growing Up In Brooklyn in the 50s and Brownsville Brooklyn NY! Replace brownstone with tenament … add all the memories of those days. Awesome and definitely magical thanks to technology. Never ever thought I’d be looking back with so much love! Thanks my friend!

  2. I was going to suggest that pea in the mattress trick! Well, your Royal Highness, I am delighted that you have been “found” incognito in the west! What a fine looking company. Thanks for sharing it.

    And for visiting, too. I am woefully behind and not commenting on everything as I try to catch up before I fall back again!

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