The Zing and Zang of School Uniforms

Should Schools Require Uniforms?


This Pressing Question, Will NOT Be Addressed Here Today.  Another Day, Perhaps.

But Not Today.

At this School (K – 8) Uniforms are Mandatory.  It’s a Charter School.


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When You Select the School.  You Must Follow the Rules of the School.

Not that I Worship Rules.  But in This Case, the School has Uniforms.

So We Deal with the Uniforms.

Burgundy Polo Shirts.  Khaki Bottoms.


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Ugh.  Drab.  Boring.  Sorry.  But it’s True.

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In my opinion, Burgundy is a Non-Color.  Faded Red with a Hint of Blue.


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But the Theory for Uniforms is that the Students will Come Together as Equals.

All Striving to Learn.

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I Guess It’s the Burgundy Color that is So Off-Putting to Me.

At one point I suggested a Change to White Tops with Khaki Bottoms and was Quickly Shot Down…

Parents Can’t Keep Whites Clean.


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Sorry… I Resent That.  But Today’s Story is Not about that Either.

What about Black and White?  English Prep.  French Chic.  Classy.

With Lots of Moving Parts for Interest…Vests.  Shirts.  Blazers.



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No.  Too Expensive for Parents to Purchase, I’m Told.

The Khaki Bottoms are Classic.  The Burgundy Differentiates This School from the Pack.

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So How to Jazz Up the Uniform?

We Try in Very Subtle Ways.



The School Rule is Any Type of Shoe.  Any Color.  Any Style.


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Ahh…some Creative Leeway.

But Missy Miss is a Brands Kind of Kid…Sneakers with Labels.  Converse.

Stay Safe within the Pack.  No Fashion Leaders.  After all, this is Mid-School.



Socks.  Any Style.  Any Color.

Yes.  Some Fun(!)  Little Mismatch.

Donuts.  Scented.  Silly.

Maybe.  But for Now, She Goes with Skimmer Socks that Don’t Show Above the Shoe.

But I Keep Trying.



 School Accessories.

Backpacks for a Bit of Zazz.   This Year, in Mint Green.  Her Choice.



School Supplies.

Gel Pens in All the Colors.


Learning to Be Organized is the Key to Success.



Lunch Packs.  Photo-Realism Images.  Some Silliness at Lunch is Good.

And Acceptable.



Striving to Be an Individual in an Everyone-Has-To-Be-Equal World.



We’re Getting There.

Our Back to School Sources:

Khaki Shorts ($6) and Pants ($8).  Costco.  Good Quality.

Izod Polo. J.C. Penney.  All the Colors. All the Sizes.

Converse.  J.C.Penney.  Good Source for School Shoes.

Socks.  Little Mismatch.  On line.  Socks sold in sets of 3 to Mix/Match.

Backpack.  Kohl’s.

Lunch Packs.  TJ’s.

School Supplies.  Target.  Costco.



Back to School.  All Shiny and New.

Filled with Wonderful Anticipation of a Fun and Successful School Year.

Burgundy Tops with Khakis Bottoms Can be Magical.

Because the Sparkle Comes From Inside.   Silly Me. 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Zing and Zang of School Uniforms

  1. If you don’t mind, I’ll add my two cents. When my two children were in middle and high school, the one thing I fought hardest against was school uniforms. I felt strongly uniforms got in the way of person creativity and expression of self. In my humble opinion, what you choose to put on each morning and coordinate it with is a creative process and an important one for self discovery.

    1. I certainly agree…I will always be about fueling the creative self…but with that being said, the public schools here are horrid, so charter is the best route for her. Love your two cents. 🙂

  2. Lookin’ good — but with you 100 percent on the uniforms. Maybe less so in some schools where there is more homogeneity on a sociological level but when kids are from across the board, I think there is subtle class consciousness in wardrobe choice and uniforms do level the playing field. But I would have picked red shoes!

    By the way, when I try to reply to the wonderful comments you make on my blog, they are bouncing back. I’m using the address on your blog here so not sure if you changed or what but just wanted to let you know! And let you know how much I enjoy when you visit!

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