9/11…3 Mothers…2 Daughters

17 Years Ago.  September 11, 2001.  The World Changed.

It was a Tuesday.  Same as This Year.

For Me.  9/11 will be a Story about 3 Mothers.  And 2 Daughters.

Striving to Live in a World that Suddenly No One Knew.



3 Mothers with Life-Changing Events that Happened as the World Swirled Around Them.

Mine is a Remembrance of Joy and Loss and Love.

On September 11, 2001, We had adopted a Beautiful Baby Girl.

As the First Plane Hit, We Were Taking Our New Baby to Her First Well Baby Check Up.

All My Happiness Turned to Fear.  Fear of What was to Come.

Filled with Fear of Raising a Child in a World that Suddenly No One Knew.



Her Bio-Mom was at Home.  Crying.

Filled with Fear.  And So Sorry for Giving Up Her Baby.



What I didn’t know then, was that 7,000 Miles away in China, a Very Pregnant Woman was about to give birth to a Beautiful Baby Girl.

Filled with Fear of Raising a Child in a World that Suddenly No One Knew.


3 Mothers.  Filled with Fear.



3 Mothers Who Wished for the Best for Their Baby Daughters.



On September 11, 2001.

Those 3 Mothers Intersected.  Entwined.  And Did What They Thought was Best for their Daughters.

All for Love.

In a New World that Suddenly No One Knew.



This is How I will always Remember September 11, 2001.



2001. The Year We Were Forced to Give Up Our Daughter.

Our Baby was Taken Back by her Mother.

At First It Seemed Just Another Crazy Event in an Even Crazier World.

But that was How it was to Be.

And it Allowed Us to Look to Aid Another Mother who was Forced to Give Up Her Daughter.

And We Did.



We Promise to Give this Daughter Love and Support and a Family.

And to Make Sure She Always Remembers.



Living in a New World that Strives for Peace and Love and Understanding.

This is What I Remember.


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