A 24-Hour YouTube Challenge. Sister to Sister.

If I said I was Hip to Everything YouTube, You’d Know that was a Load of Bunk.

I’m Not.  Of Course.  Yes it’s True.

But I Do Try to Listen to the Teen Babble.  And YouTube is High on the List.

I Understand YouTubers Do 24-Hour Challenges and Live to Video the Tale.

24-Hours in a Swimming Pool.

24-Hours in a Trampoline Park.

24 Hours in a McDonald’s Play Area.

24-Hour Challenge Idea

Miss Doodle 2 Wanted to Do a 24-Hour Challenge.

Her Idea:  Wear an Ostomy Bag for 24-Hours.   Just Like Her Sister.

I want to see how my sister handled an ostomy bag for over a year. 

My Sister is very brave.  I want to see if I can wear the ostomy bag for 24 hours.


Image result for what is an ostomy for kids

A bag, called an ostomy pouch, is placed over the stoma to catch urine or stool. The ostomy pouch protects the skin around your child’s stoma and protects their clothing from becoming soiled (dirty). It can have one or two pieces and come with accessories such as a belt.  Ostomy – About KidsHealth

Hearing This, My Heart Swelled.

Even If She Doesn’t Make the 24 Hours, She Still Wanted to Try

But Crazy Timing.  Her Sister is Getting the Bag Removed.  While She is Putting the Bag On.

I am So Proud of Both My Girls.

So We Got to Work…There are Lots of Moving Parts.

The Ostomy Pieces.  2-Part Bag.  Wax Seal.  Waist Belt.  All By ConvaTec.


Wax Seal to Prevent Leakage.


Disk that Sticks to the Skin.


Bag that Catches the Waste.


All the Pieces.  Ready for Action.


We Fill the Bag with Oatmeal and Water.  Clean.  Not Smelly.  Heavy.


Fill the Bag with the Oatmeal.  Seal the Open End of the Bag.  Tight.

Apply the Sticky Disk to the Skin.


Push the Wax around the opening of the Bag.


Apply the Bag to the Disk.




Now Lie Down for 30 Minutes.

Apply Gentle Warm Pressure with Your Hand to Get a Solid Seal.


Attach the Waist Belt to the Bag to Help Secure the Bag.


It Feels very Sticky.  It feels Heavy. 

I can’t believe my sister did this all by herself. 

It’s hard to bend.  I have to check often to see if it’s on all the way. 

It’s uncomfortable.

Sleeping is difficult.  I can’t roll on the bed.

It’s Itchy.

The bag feels warm on my skin.

It feels weird wearing this bag.


Showering with the Ostomy Bag.

Time for a Shower without Wetting the Bag and Loosening the Seal.


Cover the Bag with Plastic Wrap to Keep the Bag Dry When Showering.


In the shower the plastic wrap wasn’t sticking too well.  It kept unpeeling.

24-Hours Completed!



Now that the Bag is Off, My Skin still feels itchy.

The Round Seal Badge of Courage.  Mark of a Challenge Well Done.


Mom, You Should Try the 24-Hour Ostomy Bag Challenge.

You’re Very Brave.  Just Like Us.

These Two.  So Very Brave.  So Very Magical.  🙂






2 thoughts on “A 24-Hour YouTube Challenge. Sister to Sister.

    1. Yes. They are brave. Much, much braver than I. But I love that they think I’m so brave…it gives me the courage to keep moving forward. Guess we all need to remember that.

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