A Car Wash Theme Park Ride of All Rides


It Would Be So Great If there was a Car Wash Ride.


You Drive Up. Everyone Stays in the Car.

The Car Wash Guy Hooks the Car Up to a Big Long Hook.



The Car Gets Pulled through the Car Wash Tunnel.



First there’s Rain. Lots of Pounding Rain.



Then Soap and Big Flappy Arms Lather Up the Soap.



There’s So Much Soap You Can’t See Out the Windows.

The Car Goes Through all the Rain Showers.



Rain Pounds Down Hard on the Top and Sides and Bottom of the Car.



Then Lights Flash and Hot Wax is Poured on the Car.



The People in the Car Can Smell the Hot Wax but they are Inside Safe and Warm.



More Rain Showers for the Rinse.



Then the Tunnel Narrows and the Car Goes through a Giant Blower that Dries the Car.



The Blowers are Loud and Some Wind Creeps in the Window Cracks.



Finally. The Car Leaves the Tunnel. Robots Use Big Fluffy Towels to Shine Up the Car.



The End. The car looked pretty good at the end of the wash but I still want to get a new one. I’ve been looking at audi 2018 engines and I’m quite tempted to get an Audi.



I Was Just About to Tell Her There are Car Washes Where People Ride Inside, When She Completed Her Thought…

And the Car Wash Would Be at the End of the Parking Garage of a Theme Park.

One Last Crazy Adventure Ride the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together.

And the Car Gets Cleaned for the rest of the Vacation.

So There You Go, Theme Park Ride Researchers…

Take the Concept, But Give Miss Doodle 2 the Credit(!)

Perhaps My Quest to Find a Sparkle of Magic Every Day is Rubbing Off on Her.

Care to Take a Spin Through the Car Wash? 🙂





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