An Overnight. So Close. Yet Oh So Far.

A Very Mini, ,Let’s-Just-Go-Around-the-Corner, Holiday Stay.

To Celebrate Surgery Done, We’re Moving to the Light.

We are All So Very Ready for the Light.

Filled with Normal Days of Work.  School.  Home.  No Hospital Stays.

But there’s still pain.  Although anticipated.

This Outing May Have Been a Bit Too Ambitious.  She Really Just Wanted to Be Home.

But We Were So Close to Home.  We Could Almost See Our Roof.

And I Knew Each of Us Needed a Break.  So We Tried.


Los Poblanos.  Historic Inn.  Organic Farm.

Close to Home to Feel Safe.  Yet So Very Far, Far Away.



The Los Poblanos Farm Shoppe is Lovely.  Lavender Infused Everything.


Everything Hand Mixed.


Hand Forged.

Hand Made.  Sweet.

Love this Replica Boot Scraper.

Turquoise and Silver Jewelry.  Santa Fe Never Gets Old.


Los Poblanos is an Ancient Working Farm.  Now Catering to Visitors and Locals Alike.


Rural.  Rustic.  Yet within the City of Albuquerque.

The Saltwater Pool is a Highlight.

Water Heals Almost Everything.  In My Book.


Dinner Together.  At a Favorite, Just Down the Street Spot.  Flying Star.


Mac and Cheese with Chicken.  A Craving Must Have.

Blue Corn Enchiladas.

Green Chile Stew.  Oh Yes.  Spicy.

Baja Shrimp Tacos.

Early Bedtime.  By the Gas Fire.  A Fireplace on a Timer.  Who Knew That Was Such a Thing?

There’s Nothing Better Than Crisp White Sheets and Down Comforters.

Such a Long, Long Haul in Mind and in Spirt.  We’re All Tired.

Morning has a Delightful Nip to the Air.  Autumn in the Breeze.


Sharing Time with Miss Doodle 2.

Alpacas in the Morning.

Sun Peeking Up Over the Mountain.

Chilly Willy and No Alpaca Petting.

Not This Time with This Guy in Charge.

Showering in Lavender to Wake Up the Day.

Getting Ideas and Taking Notes for a Bathroom Remodel.

I Like the Black Grout with Simple White Tiles.  Rain Shower Head.

  Complimentary Breakfast Before Heading Home.

Open Concept Kitchen.  Open Fire Cook Station.  Quite Lovely.

Intriguing Light Fixtures in the Dining Room.  Iron and Etched Glass.

Hand Scrapped Wide Plank Wood Floors.

Floor to Ceiling Light-Filled Windows.

San Ysidro, Patron Saint of Farmers, Welcomes All from His Lofty Perch.

A Not-So-Friendly Peacock on the Courtyard Ledge.

Perfectly Inviting.

Lovely at Every Juncture.




Los Poblanos was Packed with Guests, but Still Quiet and Reflective.

On the Way Home. We Meet an Uncooperative Model.

By the Lavender Fields.


A Quick Peek at the Original Home on the Grounds.

The 1934 Home of Senator Albert Simms and his Wife Ruth Hanna McCormick.

A & R.  Albert and Ruth.  In Delft Blue.



The tiny adobe was transformed into a breathtaking Hacienda by Architect John Gaw Meem.



John Gaw Meem.  Father of Santa Fe Style.

Details in Unexpected Places.  An Angel Plowing with San Ysidro.  Door Hardware.


The Zia (Sun) Symbol in Clay Saltillo Tile.

The First In-Ground Pool in Albuquerque.  Right Here.  But No Longer for Swimming.  Just for Looks.


The Wide and Expansive Portal.  A Beautiful Wedding Venue.



Muralist Peter Hurd’s image of Angels plowing the fields so that San Ysidro may take time to pray.

Looking Down on Last Night’s Wedding Flowers.



Lush Gardens with Wavy Garden Paths.



I Tried to Make This a Special Outing. 


Short. Sweet.  Light-Filled.



Hopefully Soon, the Pain Will Be Gone and the Hospital will be a Distant Memory.

For Her.

For Us All.

Searching for Magic.  In My Heart.  And In My Own Backyard.

3 thoughts on “An Overnight. So Close. Yet Oh So Far.

  1. I love a happy ending. Especially when I learn something … had no idea the Inn was so nice. I would like to spend a nite there myself! Anyway, this Sunday nite is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Let me wish the entire Doodle family, especially Ms Doodle1, Shanah Tova, best wishes for good health and happiness in the upcoming year! 🕍

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