Birthdays Should Always Be Special

You Just Can’t Miss a Moment of Your Birthday.

That Is My Wish for Everyone.

You.  As the Star for the Day.  Your Fabulous Day.

And in My Mind…the Earlier the Better.  Don’t Miss a Single Solitarily Moment.



Wake to the Smell of Fresh Baked Birthday Muffins.

Warm and Sweet With Crazy Cupcake Picks.



Sleepy-Eyed.  Sit at a Surprise Decorated Table.  Set for Breakfast.

But Where are the Presents?  Birthdays Should have Presents.

A Morning Present Treasure Hunt is Mandatory.

The Treasure Hunt Clues are Rolled Up at Each Place Setting.



The Morning Hunt for Presents will Take You All Over the House.  Hidden Inside and Out.

How Many Presents Should You Hope For?

One for Each Year is Splendid.



Bring All Giggles and Laughter Deciphering the Clues to the Table.



The Clues are Silly.  But Always Fun.

Brrr…Freezing.  No Time to Waste.  (Freezer)

A Funny Place to Almost X-Ray Food.  Beware of Zapping.  (Microwave)

HoHoHo  Only Santa Knows of this Spot Filled with Ashes and Soot.  (Fireplace)


Oh Yes, and If it’s at the Table, It Gets Decorated.

This Year.  A Hurry Up Fall Theme.  Nature Comes Knocking.


Using Very Special Birthday China is an Important Touch.   China From China Works Here.

A Hand Painted Soup Tureen Filled with Fresh Pineapple.  Surprises Everywhere.



Tea Cups Ready for Green Tea or Hot Chocolate.  Coffee Works Too.



Open Cards.  Feel the Showering of Love.



Fall Décor Without the Benefit of Fall Leaves?

No Problem.  Hang Branches.  Summer Green is Good.




Gifts for the Birthday Girl.  Gifts for the Family Too.

Share the Magic.



This Year at Our House, 17 Gifts, for 17 Magical Years.



Yes.  Birthdays Should Always be Special.

That is My Wish for Everyone.  Happy Birthday.   Making Magic.  🙂

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