Home Again. Thankfully. Jiggity Jog.

To the Hospital for Surgery,

With Pain So Big.

After One Week, Ready to Go Home.

Jiggity Jig.

Doctors and Nurses with Meds in a Log.

Working to Heal Her to Get Stronger.

Jiggity Jog.

There.  Done.  Home.

Of Course, Home Means the Family Team Takes Over.

With Mom at the Helm.

Some Scary Moments.  Trying to Remember All That Was Discussed.

A Wise Woman Advised Me to Write Everything Down in the Chaos of the Moment.

Wish I Had Been More Vigilant with that Advice.

But So Thankful for Where We Are and Where We’re Going.

And Being So Surprised at the Strength that Comes From All the Leaped Over Hurdles.


Her Bravery Will Serve Her Well.  The Last Two Years Will soon be just a Memory.

Holding on to the Magic.

Thanks for Being With Us Every Step of the Way.  Really.  Thanks.  🙂






5 thoughts on “Home Again. Thankfully. Jiggity Jog.

    1. You’re right, Jeanie, she is very strong..it’s nice to see that she has realized how very strong she is. A fabulous lesson that I wish could have been learned a different way, an easier way, but all the important stuff we do is never easy. Hooray for moving forward.

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