5 Tips For Creating a Laundry Room to Love

Let’s Talk Laundry. Or More Specifically, the Laundry Room/Space.

Where Do You Do the Laundry?

In the Basement of Your Home? In a Hallway behind Folding Doors?

Maybe a Space in the Kitchen? In the Garage?

Perhaps You Have a Designated Laundry Room.

Or Like Me, You Do Laundry in a Tiny Space at the High Traffic Back Door?

Yes. Right Here.

I Must Confess, I Love to Do Laundry. OK, maybe Love is too strong…

I Don’t Exactly Mind Doing Laundry.

With a Family of 4, I Do at a Minimum, 2 Loads Per Day.

But Maneuvering around the Back Door Clutter and the Constant Traffic, It is Time for a Proper Laundry Room.

But What Exactly is a Proper Laundry Room?

I did some research and Found 5 Tips to Creating a Proper Laundry Room…

1. Select the Right Spot.

Doing Laundry creates Noise, Humidity, and Sometimes Water Overflow. The Laundry Room should be away from bedrooms to contain the noise. Basements or the ground floor are good spots in case of water overflows.

2. Make Sure the Laundry Room is Task-Based.

Craft Designated Spaces for the Big 4 Tasks…Sorting. Washing. Drying. Folding.

3. Measurements for a Proper Laundry Room:

Average Washer is 36″.

Dryer is 42″

Leave Floor Space to Move Freely between the Washer, Dryer and Folding Space. Make room for when the washer/dryer doors are open. Determine placement of the Washer/Dryer based on Water Pipes and Door Openings.

4. Good Lighting. The Space is a Work Horse and You Need to See what you’re doing.

5. Style Do Laundry in a Room that Makes You Happy.

For Me, A Place Fit for a Princess.

By the Way, My Most Pinned Pinterest Post is About Laundry…Figures(!)

Read about it here: Best Whitest Whites Laundry Tip!

But I Digress…

So We’re Building a Laundry Room. With My Saved Funds for the “We’re Going to France” Trip. This will be a Streamlined, No Fancy Finishes, Stick to the Basics, Functional Laundry Room. With Some French Flair.

We All Love a Good BEFORE, right???


But Maybe It Already has the 5 Points of a Perfect Laundry Room and We Can Save the Funds for France.

Let’s See…

In the Right Spot?…Away from Bedrooms. Yes. It only has to Compete with the Constant Back Door Traffic.

It already has Brick Floors in case of water overflows. That works.

Sort of.

Task-Based? Hardly. Here’s where the problems begin.

Everything and Anything is Crammed into the Space. At the moment, even a Sink for the Bathroom Remodel.

Measurements? Not Even Close. Open the Back Door and Hit the Washer. Or Me.

Lighting? There’s lots of windows, so doing laundry in the day is fine.

But Doing Laundry at Night with One Tacky Overhead Florescent Light is pathetic.

Not Working.

Style? None.

Fancy Laundry Sorting Bags Meet Costco Overflow Cleaning Supplies, cuddled up Next to Mops, Brooms, Recycling Bins, Battery Candles, a Clunky Water Heater and Extra Cat Litter.

Now to My Favorite Part…See the Tiny Empty Space Doing Nothing By the Back Gate…

Ta Dah…This Will be the Laundry Room. And Extended Out a Bit Larger.

Space for the Machines, of Course. But Also Space for a Folding Table. Laundry Baskets. And Storage Racks.

I’d Love to Include a Quiet Spot to Sit and Relax and for Waiting if the Machines are Almost Done.

A Space to Scroll through Emails. Chat on the Phone. Share the Day with Mr. Doodle. With the Girls.

Or Close My Eyes for a Moment. Far from the Crowds.

Being Gently Lulled by the Splash Dash of the Washer and the Whizz Zazz of the Dryer.

This Could Be My Own Very Magical Space. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ready? On to Construction!

7 thoughts on “5 Tips For Creating a Laundry Room to Love

  1. Ha! My laundry room is smack dab in the middle of my cabin. Originally it was the mud room/ back exit to the house but then the original owners added on a real mud room, big bedroom, hall space…leaving the washer dryer right in the middle of everything! So you walk from my living room to the laundry room. It does have an oriental rug, two chairs and a table with orchids…all visible from the living room, with the utility stuff on the other wall, not so visible from the front of the house. Itโ€™s weird but also a nice place to do the laundry as there is light and space.

  2. No doubt you will end up with the best laundry room ever! As you know, my laundry room is in the bathroom, so the washer is my hamper. But, being only one person, it works for me! Looking forward to the next magical project โ€œup the streetโ€. Happy Halloween!

    1. Your space works, Suzee…not a lot of steps to take to get the job done…When I lived there I had to use the community laundry with lots of wheeling, loading, unloading, and walking back and forth…but it was only me, at the time. A very different story today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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