Carry Me Away…Far, Far Away

Magic at Home.  In My Own Backyard.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. 

An Uplifting Event. 🙂   October 6 – 14, 2018.

When Albuquerque is at its Loveliest.

Cold Mornings.  No Wind.  The Day Warms with the Sun.

The Bluest Blue Skies.

Please Join Me.  Hold On Tight!

The Fiesta Begins Early, Early Morning.  Way Before Dawn.

5:30 AM Out the Door and Down to the Balloon Field.

Right Next to the Balloon Museum.  Albuquerque is Serious about Hot Air Balloons.

Dawn Patrol is Up First.  They Check out the Winds and Flying Conditions.

And the Fingernail Moon.

All Clear for Flying.  First Balloon Up.  We have Lift Off.

Still Time for Coffee.  Plenty of Coffee.

And the Tiniest, Sweetest, Most Delicious Donuts.

Swimming in Boiling Hot Grease.  Fabulous.

Hey…it’s the Fiesta!

News Media Ready.

Crowds Bundled Up Against the Chill.

Waiting to be Carried Away.

There is Plenty of Silliness on the Ground.  Photo Opp with a Bathtub?  Sure.


Or Perhaps with Bakery Bear Bimbo.

Bimbo Set to Fly.  Next to the Creamland Cow.  Muffins and Milk Make a Morning.

Once the Sun Lifts Up Over the Sandia Mountains, the Magic Takes Off.

There are No Bad Photos Here.



The Balloons Fly in Waves.

Row Upon Row.  Igniting the Propane to Get Aloft.


Higher and Higher.


How Many Balloon Photos are Too Many?

I Just Keep Clicking.

Standing Still, the Balloons Swirl All Around You.

Sometimes You Can See All the Way Through to the Top.

Gently and Quietly, They Float By.


It is Magical.  For Sure.

Standing at Attention.  In Awe of It All.












Canon is the Balloon Sponsor, but iPhones are the Camera of Choice.



Even Vincent Van Gogh Makes an Appearance.

A 90 Foot High Van Gogh Head.  From the Netherlands. Can You Find Him???

Magic in My Own Backyard.    So Glad You Could Join Me.  🙂

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