Sometimes You Just Need to Buy a Castle

I am House Obsessed.  Forever and Always.

As a Kid I Built Houses Out of Anything Large Enough for Me to Fit Inside.

Houses Constructed from Major Appliance Boxes were Jewels.  Fallen Tree Limbs Worked Too.


I Would Spend Hours Designing and Building and Decorating the Space.

At Lunchtime, Eating in My Special House was Magical.

My House Obsession Never Died.  In Fact, It Intensified.

I Discovered that Lots of People are House Obsessed.

Following House-Obsessed Blogs, I Realized I too am Hooked on Houses.

Love this Blog…Hooked on Houses.



Our Present House in New Mexico is My First Home Purchase.

We and the House Were Featured on an HGTV Show, “My House is Worth What?”

Year 2006.  Episode 509.  Goofy, but Fun.



A Vacation House was Next.  In Crazy Florida.  An Investment Property.  Not a Forever House.

A House That I Can Sit at Work and Walk Through in My Mind.


A Mini-Vacation Every Time.


From Houses in New Mexico and Florida, I Moved on to Castles in France.

We were going to visit France…France has Castles.  So what are France real estate prices?

That is How this Story Begins.

My Challenge to Find an Affordable Castle.  Is that Even Such a Thing?



Then All the Scary Sickness Fell Down Upon Us.

My House Hunting/Travel Ideas Came to a Screeching Halt.

Overnight, at Home, We Became a Family of 3.

A Family Filled with Fear and Worry.   Lots of Tears.

With Our Girl in the Hospital.  For Months.  Then Over a Year of Treatment.

Surgeries at the Beginning and the End of the Saga.



But We Worked Like Crazy for Everyone to Heal.



During this Time, Our Travel Plans to France Were Put on Hold.  Twice.



Don’t Worry…France isn’t Going Anywhere. 

I Know.  But I’m So Ready for Us All to Move Forward.  Together.



And Now, the Best News…She is Healthy!

Yes.  Healthy. We are a Family of 4 Once Again.

And So, that’s a Round-About Way of Telling You About My Quest to Buy a Castle.

An Affordable Castle in France.

Castle Searching kept my Sanity when Everything was Spinning out of Control

And I Found a Great Site for this Castle Hunting…Le Figaro Properties.

I Gave Myself a Limit of $450,000.  I Needed a Dash of Reality in this Search.

Can We Find a Castle for under $450,000?

Yes.   Lots.

Ready???  Let’s Check this One Out Together.

18th/19th Century Castle.  In Poitiers, France.

406 m2 (4370 sq. feet)  10 Rooms   6 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms   On 5 acres.

About 1.5 hours from Paris.

383,000 euros  ($441,000).

There’s the Castle.  Let’s Walk up the Circular Drive…

After Passing through these Gates.


Massive and Solid.  Love the White Shutters and French Doors.

Aerial View.  Towers Everywhere!  Magical and Lovely.

Fit for a Princess.  Or Maybe a B&B.

Towering Trees on 5 Acres.

Inside, We Reach the Staircase and I Gasp…Stone!  Oh My Heart.

Can’t Wait to Run My Hand Along these Banisters.  Feel the Coolness of the Stone.

Say Hello to the Dog, if He’s Still Here.

A Sun-Drenched Salon.  Wood Floors.  Crystal and Plaster Finishes.


One of the Six Bedrooms.  I Don’t Even Mind the Wild Boar.

I Want to See It All.

I Want to Walk, Dance and Sing Through the Rooms.

With My Family.

Hopefully, a Trip to France is Coming Soon.  But Not Quite Yet.

So I Must Be Patient and For Now, Be Satisfied to Just Look and Dream.

After All, France isn’t Going Anywhere.

Thankful There is Always Magic.




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