Build, Laugh, Love. The “Someday We’ll Go to France” Laundry Room Reveal!

We Built a Laundry Room.

In 1 Month.   With Meager Funds.  Our Design.  And Filled with Shop-the-House Stuff.

Ready?  Oh Good.  Can’t Wait to Show You.

Remember these Bricks….Each plays a Vital Part in this Crazy Endeavor.


Let’s Take a Moment to Look Back.  This is Where We Began.

Time Frame:   One Month to Build the Laundry Room before the Cold Weather Creeps In.

Funds:  Paid with Our Travel Money Saved for a Trip to France that Had to Be Put on Hold.

Design:  Nothing Fancy.  No Frills.  Down and Dirty.  Functional with a Bit of Fun.

Reason for Doing:  To move the Laundry from (literally) the Back Door of the House.

To Begin:  Dig Footings to Carve Out the Space.


Hope Everything will Fit.   Not Sure This Will Even Work.



Save the Bricks for the Laundry Room Floor.  Cost of Flooring:  Free.


Replace Rotting Windows in the Back Door Entry.


The Clothesline Waits Patiently as the Leaves Change Color.  Temperatures Begin to Dip.


Construction Dust.  Dirt.  Smells.  Coupled with Worries the Funds Won’t Hold Out Until Completion.

And Now…The Reveal!

The Bizarre Before.


And the Sparkling Can-You-Believe-It, After.

The Old as Dirt but Still Works Great Water Heater Stays…I love this guy. Very Robot-like, don’t you think?!


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Laundry…Just One Tiny Step Down.


Giggles for the Almost-Large-Enough-to-Be-a-Dance-Floor Space in Front of the Machines.


A Couch for Lounging?  Of Course.

Listen…Can You Hear the Quiet?


The Original Back Wall of the House was Kept and Given a Fresh Stucco Coat.


The Laundry Room Décor Inspiration…France.

A Huge Ikea DIY Framing Canvas Photo fits the Budget and the Space.  $69.


The Fun Part.  Fill the Space with Cozy Details.

Costco Fur Pillow.  Shop-the-House Chairs Transformed into a Settee.


Natural Wood Ceiling with LED Lights.  Great Lighting and Very Cost-Effective.


The Utility Metal Folding Table Loves its New Place of Honor.  And Holds Court with the Recycle Tub.


Old Bricks Cinderella-Transformed into the Laundry Floor.  Leveled and Set in Sand.


The Funky Brick Step.   No Door for Quick, In and Out Access. to Monitor the Machines.


Outside.  A Cute Bump-Out Defines the Space.


Heavy Duty Metal Baker’s Rack for Storage.  No Built Ins Keeps the Space Flexible.


The Rack is a Classic Workhorse.  And a Family Donation to the Cause.  Thanks!


Washing Buddies.  Side By Side.  At Long, Long Last.


5 Minutes on the Washer.  Time for a Laugh with My Loves.


At the Back Door.  Now an Open Space.  Filled with Real Plants.


 Lots of Natural Light.  And Positive Chi.


I’m Not Sure How, But We Did It.   And It’s Magical.

Build.  Laugh.  Love.

Croissants in the Laundry?  But of Course.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Build, Laugh, Love. The “Someday We’ll Go to France” Laundry Room Reveal!

    1. I’ve loved traveling to France with you and saved all your posts…even trying to learn the language…our Spanish probably isn’t going to get us too far in France. 🙂

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