Could be the Last Trick or Treat…

Or Not.

To Celebrate, We are Preparing a Memory-Making Meal Before Trick or Treating.

Human Guts and Severed Fingers.  Perfect.

And Quick and Easy to Create.

Care to Try it?….Here’s What You Need:

Ribs.   Red Pepper. Green Olives.  Biscuits.

Linked Sausage.

Hot Dogs.

Green Beans.

Mashed Potatoes.

Hot Dog Buns.

To Prepare the Hot Dogs:

Cook the Dogs First.  Then Cut Slits for Knuckles and Remove the Skin at one end for a Fingernail.

Drizzle with Ketchup.  I May Never Look at Hot Dogs the Same Way Again.


For the Entrée:  Mr. Body.

Mash the Potatoes.  Mound into a Bowl.  Add Red Pepper Mouth, Green Olive Eyes.  Green Bean Hair.


Cook the Meats.  Assemble on a Baking Sheet in Correct Body Order…Heart, Lungs, Ribs, Intestines.

Add Biscuits for Arms.

Mr. Body with Fabulous Olive Twinkle Eyes.

Serving Body Parts with a Side Order of…

Severed Fingers.  Delightful.

Set a Spooky Table.

Skulls and Silver.


Introduce the Meal to Your Guests.


A Meal Worthy of a Proper MRI.

Humans are Gross.

Bellies Full and Time to Spare for Chilly Trick or Treating.

The Loot.

Making Memories.  Fabulously Magical.

4 thoughts on “Could be the Last Trick or Treat…

  1. It looks like loads of fun at Chez Doodle! Thanks for coming by while I was gone — finally back and recovering from jet lag but some Paris posts are due up soon to inspire that postponed trip!

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