Measure Twice, Dig Once

I was asked the question that I thought I’d never be asked…

How Large Do You Want the Laundry Room to Be?

Could you build it maybe to the end of the house to fill in this little open space? Will that work?

Sure.  But You Know, You Can Go Much Bigger…and It Will Cost the Same.

End of Discussion.  We are Going Big.  10 x 10 Big.

True, Not Enormous…But a Workable Size for a Laundry Space.

The Theme…Rustico/Industrial.  I may have made this up as a style theme, but no matter.

No fancy finishes that would fight with the rest of the house.

Rough Textures with Sleek Stainless.  Brick floor.  Wood Ceiling.  Easy Access.  No Door to Continually Open and Close.

No Nonsense Heavy Duty Appliances that Do the Job.

Laundry.  Fast.  Efficient.  Done.

But All We Have in the Budget is My Saved “Off to France” Fund.

We’ll Make it Work.

To Begin, Some Clean Up Work on the House is Desperately Needed.  Let’s Begin Here.


A Rotted Back Entry Window has to Go.


Remove the Window, But Keep the Light.


Ready for the New/Improved Slider Window.  A Light Saver.


Do You See That White Space Behind the Dryer?  Next to the Funky Water Heater?

This Will be the Doorway to the New Laundry Room.



Here’s the Space from the Outside.  Butler’s Pantry Window is Removed and Sealed.

Prepped for Stucco.



Digging the Footers Begins.  The Bricks Will be Saved for the Laundry Room Floor.



Do You See the Laundry Room?


Leveling of the Floor Will Have to Happen, but I Love the Look Already.

Squint Your Eyes…Hello Rustico.

The Crew Think I’m a bit Nuts.  Save the Old Bricks?  For the Floor???



The Bricks are Perfect.  And Things of Beauty.


Saving All that Can Be Saved.  The Back Gate Waits Patiently for a Place of Honor in the Fence.


Building Here, We Don’t Have to Worry about the Frost Line….

A Slab Floor works just fine.

All in a Day’s Work.


Ready for Walls.


I Love Construction. 🙂


The one thing about Demolition that I didn’t Consider…Construction Dust.


We Should have Worn Masks…….I type as I’m Coughing My Head Off.  Ugh.



DIY Home Construction with Lots of Lessons to Learn.  🙂

The Magic is Coming.  But Cold Weather is Coming Too.

We’ve Got to Keep Moving.   And Fast.

Next Up…Walls, Ceiling and a Roof.


5 thoughts on “Measure Twice, Dig Once

  1. I think this is going to turn out well and you will be very happy when it’s done. Several friends at Cimino have had projects lately, and when or if there is a setback or some problem, I tell them it’s like having a baby … and when it’s done you will forget all about that stuff and just enjoy! I’m anxious to follow your progress!

    1. Thank you Jeanie…I refer to you as my Marmalade Gypsy friend and Mr. Doodle knows who I’m talking about. Your Paris posts have been saved as references for our trip…thanks!

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