Thanksgiving Decor – One. Two. Three. Free. Free. Free.

I Love Thanksgiving.

A Day to Fuss.  Primp.  Cook.  Laugh.  Eat.  Enjoy.  And Be Thankful.

To Be Together.  To Give Thanks.

And There’s Still Plenty of Time to Jazz Up Your Thanksgiving and Make it a Tad More Special.

The Best Place to Begin the Thanksgiving Celebration is With the Table.


Try These Three Fast, Easy and Fun Ideas to Get this Holiday Moving.

And Free.  Free.  Free!

Project One:  Falling Leaves Chandelier.

I Love How This Project Starts:  Take a Walk and Gather Perfect Fall Leaves.

You Need Fishing Line and Tape to Put This Together.


Cut the Fishing Line into Lengths to Hang From the Chandelier Over the Table.

My Helper was fascinated with the Outdoor Smells.



Attach Leaf Stems with Tape to the Fishing Line.



You Can Get a Little Bit Fancy and Attach tiny “Give Thanks” Cards on the Lines Too.



Take Care that the Leaves are not Close to the Light Bulbs.  Safety First.


Fun, Right?


Project Two:  Mason Jar Bean Candle Holders.

Fill the Jars with Beans.  1/2 Full.  Corn Works Too.



Pop a Candle in the Center.  The level of the beans should keep the flame inside the jar.



Line up the Jars Down the Center of the Table…



Or Set One at Each Place Setting.



Project Three:  “Give Thanks” Napkin Place Holders.

Type a “Give Thanks” Message for Each Guest.


Glue Construction Paper on the Back for some Weight.



Cut into Strips.  Loop around the Napkin.  Tape to Close.

Can You Believe this Rascal?


That’s It.  Done.


A Personalized, Fun and Very Thankful Table.

The Cost:  Free.



I Can’t Wait to Use My New Live Edge Cheese Board.  Love the Look and Feel.

Check out the Cutest Etsy Shoppe for Yours…The Needle and The Hatchet.


Thanksgiving Decorating is My Favorite Part.

The Cooking?  Ahh, Not So Much.

But I Do Keep Trying.  And Really…How Hard Can it Be?  🙂

My Best Turkey Story.

Did You Know that after 6 Hours of Cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey, Raspberry Chipotle Sauce Rubbed on the Bird will Blacken and Burn to a Crisp?

Yes.  I’m Sure You Do.   I Now Know, Too.

Happy Magical Cooking.   🙂


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