Thanksgiving Dinner…and to All a Good Night!

Thanksgiving Day Upon Us,

Our Elf Found Her Way,

We’re All Up Before the Sun,

For the Cookers’ Biggest Cooking Day.


An Electric Roaster for the Bird,


We Hatch a Brilliant Plan,

16 pounds fit Snugly and Tucked Away to Cook Without a Helping Hand.


Hot from the Oven Sweet Rolls,

A Breakfast Treat, Sheer Delight,


The Kitchen is Heating Up,

Steamy Windows, a Glorious Sight.


Only Four Seats at the Table to Fill,

For Dinner It’s Just Us,


But We Will  Primp and Decorate and Make Oh Such a Grand Fuss.


Six Hours to Cook,

The Time Whizzes By,


The Cookers are Hungry,



And See Appetizers Swirl in Their Minds’ Eye.



The Menu is Extravagantly Full,

Handwritten, Almost a Foot Long,

Filled with Yams, Green Beans and Cranberries,



Ah, and Corn on the Cob Worth a Fine Song.



Buzzers Begin Dinging,

The Bird now 160 Degrees and Magically Golden Brown,



Let’s Plate All the Sides,



I am Ravenous as the Queen’s Hound.






Each and Every Thanksgiving Delight,



I Take All the Photos, Then Turn to Such a Fright.



Monstrous Snoring and Snuggles in Down So Soft,

My Cookers are Sleeping,

Sweet Dreams Far Aloft.


I Thought Naps were for After the Turkey Eating is Done,

How Can This Be,

Can There Be Napping Before One Bite of Eating Fun?



But Hey, It’s Just Us,

Our Tiny Family of Four,

Once Naps are Over, We’ll be Guests at the Table and Ready for More.


For Thanksgiving 2018, We Cooked Dinner and Then,

Truth be Told,

We Slept Through Each Course,  Too Tired to Eat,

Such a Sight to Behold.


But Even As I Too Closed My Eyes for a Wink, a Voice Could Be Heard,

Make Memories,

While Cranberries Sit Waiting, Next to the Golden Bird.



We Got Down to Business,

Once Our Napping Was Done,

Carefully Microwaving Each Plate,

Chuckles and Sweet Smiles on Everyone.



It’s True what They Say, This is what All Holidays Need,

For the Generations to Tell and Re-tell Stories,

And to Sow the Seed.



Hope Your Thanksgiving was Memorable,

Think Back and Smile,


The Silliness, the Happiness, the Strife and the Style.


And You’ll Hear It Exclaimed,

As Your Guests Drive Out of Sight,


To All, Every One of You,

A Joyous, Turkey-Laden Good Night.


Sheer Magic with a Side of Silliness.

Sending Magical Wishes to You for the Holidays.





5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner…and to All a Good Night!

    1. I did the green beans in honor of the Campbell’s Soup employee who invented the recipe in 1955 and died this year at 92. Green beans and mushroom cream soup. Truth be told, my version wasn’t a big hit. 🙂

  1. What a fabulous, family day you had, Jeanne, and I’m sure you all fell into your beds afterwards! And what a feast! I can imagine what fun (and possibly chaos) it was preparing it with your girls. It all looks so delicious and I love the way you made it all so special for the four of you with the hangings and cards etc. A lovely post for Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing your day.

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