A Native American Blessing

A Purification Healing Dance for the World.

The Mescalero Apache Dancers.

Prayers for Peace and Harmony.  Good Health and Happiness.

Chanting.  Beating of a Drum. 

Dancing Around a Bonfire of Pinon, Cedar and Sage.

All are invited to participate.   

Bundled Up against the Cold.  Under a Star-filled Sky.

Hands are extended.  Palms up. 

 Receiving blessings of Health and Happiness.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.  Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dancing a Dance Thousands of Years Old.

Around the Perimeter of the Fire, Artists display beautiful gifts to sell.

Gingerbread Houses sparkle under Christmas Lights.

A Dinner of Traditional Native American Dishes.  Posole with Red Chile.

Red or Green Chile?  “I’ll Have Christmas!”

Navajo Taco.  Beef, Beans and Garnish on Fry Bread.

Sending Wishes to You for Peace and Healing in the New Year.

So Very Magical.

2 thoughts on “A Native American Blessing

  1. It’s so cool to have friends who go to all the places I never think to go to …. and then share their magical experiences with others. Considering how close to home the center is, I am ashamed of myself for never going (did when I lived here before though). So thank you dear friend for making providing this cultural experience. Also, thank you for the card … I now have an original Jeanne Washburn displayed in my living room! Best holiday wishes to all .. I am making a quick trip to Virginia to see the family and love on my grandsons!

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