Fairy Lights…Only Batteries Required

Sometimes Simple is Fun.

A Mantle Garland of Twine and Paper Coffee Filters.

A Gaggle of Nutcrackers all at attention on the banco.

Wreaths with pine cones, berries and dried citrus oranges and grapefruit.

All tied together with Fairy Lights.

Thinnest wires speckled with LED lights and a slim battery pack.

3 AAA batteries do the trick.

Set the Timer for Dusk and You’re Done.

6 Hours On.  18 Hours Off.

In Snowy White and Colors.  Blinking or Steady.

Christmas is about Light in all its Forms.

Fairy Lights.

True, 3 AAA batteries are needed, but I suspect they run on Magic.

At least I Hope they do.

Bringing a Magical Light.

Spread the Light this Winter Solstice. 


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