Living Up to Being a “Champion Family”

I received a call…We would Like to Honor You as the Champion Family.

I’m not sure what to do with all this.

The hospital nominated us for this Title.

We were to be honored at the basketball game.  We are the Half Time Show.

I knew We had to be Gracious and Humbled and very Thankful.

But the Family was uncomfortable with the grandiose Title.

Just be kind and thankful.  And This is Our Way to Give Back to the Hospital.

So We Said Yes.  Thank You.

We were escorted to Fancy Upper Level Box Seats.  Comfy lounge chairs.  A flat screen to watch the game going on right under you.  Refrigerator filled with drinks.  Tables and chairs overhanging the bleachers.  And perfect basketball food…Tacos.  Popcorn.  Chips.  Dip.  Brownies. Christmas Cookies.

All we had to do was be at Center Court at Half Time.  Smile and Wave.

A Champion Family.  One that Pulls Together to Weather the Storm.

A Family that Stays Strong and Fights the Scary Fight.

A Family that is an Inspiration for All the Other Families that Must Do Battle to Keep their Children on the Road to Recovery. 

I am Certain We couldn’t be a Champion Family without the Strength and Guidance, Hope and Trust from the Doctors and Staff at the Hospital.

Thank You to the Teams of Doctors and Staff at University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital.

We are Humbled by Your Dedication and Greatness.

And if We Can Help Even One Family Find their Strength to Battle the Ultimate Battle, then Yes, We Will be Your Champion Family.

Sending Healing Strength and Magic.

With Love from Your Champion Family.

4 thoughts on “Living Up to Being a “Champion Family”

  1. You are a champion family and I don’t think it took a hospital to recognize that. Maybe give you the name, but those of us who have followed you see that each and every time you speak of the impact of the past few years and I’ve seen not only how you’ve toughed it out but made it as good as soemthing so tough can possibly be. Champion family? You bet!

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