Simple Trick to Keep Cats Out of the Christmas Tree…And It’s Working!

We have a Naughty Cat.


And this Cat is Smart.



Naughty and Smart…a Disastrous Combination Anytime…but Especially at Christmas.

Enter This Year’s Tree.



Sparkly and Glittery.  Gloriously Dressed In Silver.


Graced with Heirloom Ornaments.  Lovely.



But No Matter Live or Fake…



With a Christmas Tree Positioned in the Prized Spot of Your Home….Cats Will Go Wild!



So Here’s My 2018 Trick to Keep Cats Out of the Tree.




Simple.  Cheap.  Not Messy.  Done in a Flash.

Begin with a Beach Towel.


Set the Tree on top of the Towel.

Wrap Garland around the Base.  Garland that will have to be thrown away at Season’s End.

Spray the Garland with Vinegar.



Keep a Spray Bottle of Vinegar Handy to Respray/Refresh as Needed.


I didn’t Cover the Smelly Garland with a Fancy Tree Skirt.

I’m afraid the skirt will cover the smell and give the cat access to the Tree.


It’s not pretty, but it’s not horrible and it’s Working.

Keeping a Safe Distance. 🙂



19 Days Till Christmas.  And Counting.


Other options for the Base of the Tree are Pine Cones or Pine Boughs.

Any Porous Material that the Vinegar can soak into will/should Work.

Now only the Nutcrackers are Fair Game to this Rascal.



Decorate the Tree to Your Heart’s Content.



Have a Tree Trimming Hot Cocoa Decorating Party.



Trim with Your Finest Ornaments.


On Pointe or Not.



All Will Be Safe.

From the Crazy Cat Storm.

A Twinkling Bit of Magical Christmas Magic.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Simple Trick to Keep Cats Out of the Christmas Tree…And It’s Working!

  1. It’s a super idea and a gorgeous tree. I really love your ornaments (maybe because they remind me a lot of mine!). Lizzie has been pretty good but more than once Stimpy knocked the tree over. Gypsy — well, I always worried. I anchor it with kitty litter (and I don’t have to buy litter till summer!). We’ll see how it goes but she doesn’t seem to be terribly interested. This is a good way to keep it like that!

    1. I never dreamed that Christmas Trees and animals could be such an ordeal…we do have a slightly smelly tree but so far an unscathed one. Love that we have the same taste in ornaments. 🙂

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