Teens and Coats. Battle Lines are Drawn.

Put on a Coat!  It’s Freezing Outside!

No Thanks.  I’m Good.  I’m Not Cold.

Every morning, the same battle with Miss Doodle 2…Put on a Coat.  Or some variation on the theme.    You Need a Coat!   You’re Going to Freeze.  Hoodies aren’t Warm Enough.

Then the Final Stand Off Happened This Week…

OK, at least wear a Long Sleeve Uniform Polo.

I Can’t.  I Donated All of Them.

I Lost It.  Yelling.  Tears.  And She Left for School.

My Heart Broke.  Knowing she was inappropriately Dressed for the Elements, was Bad, but Realizing that All Day She Would Stay Upset Hurt Me Even More.

At Lunch, I Drove to Her School and We Went Out for a Quick Lunch.

She Talked.  I Listened.

Why No Coats?

She Presented a Valid Argument…

  1. No lockers at school.  No place to put a coat in the classroom.
  2. A coat doesn’t fit in a backpack that must be carried around all day.
  3. The classroom is hot.
  4. At recess I Run and Stay Warm.
  5. The Hoodie with a polo is warm enough.
  6. I go from a warm house to a warm car to a warm school.
  7. I don’t get cold.
  8. And Of Course the Ultimate Point…No One Wears a Coat! 

I thought this was a New Mexico problem…after all, Cold Mornings here usually give way to sunny, warm lunchtimes.  A typical New Mexico Look in Winter for Adults is a Down Jacket, Shorts and Flip Flops.  Really.

I did a Google Search on Teens and Coats.  I discovered that Teens and Not Wearing Coats is a Nationwide Battle and Teens are Winning.

Even in the coldest climates, Kids dress in light layers sometimes with shorts.  Always in hoodies.  And sadly, most kids are not outside for any length of time.  Which could be the Real Unseen Issue Here.

As an aside…I realized that I am not outside either…house to car to work…Ugh.  I shouldn’t Talk the Talk if I Don’t Walk the Walk.  So I started walking.  Tonight.  15 Minutes.  It was Pitch Black.  But I walked.   With Mr. Doodle.   Through the Neighborhood.  It felt good.  🙂

But this Coat Issue has become an important Parenting Lesson for Me.

Pick Your Battles, Mom.  And put this Battle back in the Bag.

She’s a Teen.  Old enough to figure out what is appropriate to wear.

Let this One Go.  Hand the Power Choice to Her.

All this Looks Good in Writing.  So Solid and Self-Assured.

A Real Stellar Mom.

And then another Morning and She is Off to School with a Smile.   
Dressed in a pink hoodie, polo shirt, thin khaki school pants and sneakers.

18 degrees F.  -7.8 C.   With Ice and Snow on the Way.

I Cried.  But she didn’t.  So then I Smiled Too.

The Coat issue is checked off. 

Shoes v. Sneakers has moved up the Rung.

Closely followed by Seasonal Clothing in the Proper Season.  Flimsy Sundresses in January?  Hoodies in August?  White Shoes in November?

And the Ever Present Benefits of Eating a Good Breakfast.

I know.  One Day I’ll chuckle at all this and Miss it Dearly.

These issues add to my daily Magic.  Or So I Say.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Teens and Coats. Battle Lines are Drawn.

  1. Give it up, mom. When my daughters were cheerleading they would leave our rural Colorado cabin (7500ft alt) at 5:30am in soccer shorts, SS tee shirts and flip flops. Even if it was 5°. That’s what they wore to practice, seemed silly to change. Sometimes they would throw on a hoodie. They put on real clothes when practice was over. I worried what if they had a car problem, got stuck in snow, went off the road but that car was basically a traveling closet. Always had extra jeans, boots, coats in it.
    And they are right…no place to put those coats and if they take them, it gets hot, they leave them…then mom is upset you lost your coat. They won’t die.
    And eventually they grow up.
    Good luck with the rest of the appropriate clothing battle, too. I go with the “they are teenagers, they look adorable no matter how they are dressed, they can get away with anything” attitude.
    Thankfully my two are almost 21 and 23. Both are 1000 miles away from me so I get the “out of sight, out of mind” pass when it comes to how they are dressed. Except when I see those Instagram pics and I gasp at how short, how low, how high how skimpy those outfits look. Eek!

  2. First, let me say what beautiful teenagers you have! Okay, I thought it was only boys that did this. My girls grew up in SoCal, so it was never an issue. My grandsons, the four that lived here and in Virginia … same story. In particular, the basketball shorts and the hoodie .. very rarely did I see a boy in long pants and a jacket waiting at the bus stop … lots of cold kids at the bus stop … but they are not cold apparently, because when I am cold, I add clothing … always did because I hate being cold. All that being said, let’s see if this comment reaches you. For all of us older folk … stay warm! Yay!

  3. Peer pressure…it’s not you mom…it’s the status at school…do I fit in and how does that look…this too will pass….praying for a sunny warm winter love

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