Why Send Christmas Cards???

You follow Friends and Family and People You Hardly Know on Social Media…Right?   Facebook, Instagram, Email.  You’ve seen it All.

Heard it All.  Chatted in cryptic phrases and emoji images.

Whether across the street, town, city or universe…You’re Connected.

All True.

So why take on the Archaic Task of sending Christmas Cards?

For me, it’s because I love to send cards.  But for many, it’s a huge burden.

Perhaps, the Christmas Card bashing needs to move away from the task and focus for a moment on the statement.

This year, I’ve gone back to creating simple cards by hand.  With each card, as I draw and color, write and address, the person is in my heart.

I’m Sending an “I Love You” Moment.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

A Tiny Wish for Good Health, Happiness and Love.

Nothing Fancy.  Rather a Whispered Quiet Moment of Love.

Please know that I Love You and that I’m Thankful You’re in My Heart.

I May be Far Away, but in this Moment, You are Right Here Next to Me.

This is My Reason for Sending Christmas Cards.

With Each Card I Create, I Smile.

And as an aside…This Year I’ve created an Ornament Card. 

Perhaps You’d Like to Try One Too.

I’m not sure an Ornament Card is a Real Thing, but it is Now.  🙂

Easy to Do:  2 cards (3×5) with Envelopes.  1 Hole Punch.  1 Gold Hook for Hanging.  Markers.  Glitter.  Fun Crafty Stuff.

An Ornament Card.  For Hanging. 

And an Answer to Where to Display All the Cards You’ll Receive.

Filled with Magic.

2 thoughts on “Why Send Christmas Cards???

  1. So well stated. I don’t make a lot of cards anymore. I should (and start in July!) but I send out tons and I love to — and love getting them back too. I love your ornament card. It’s darling!

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