2019 Off to China…A Magical Wish Comes True

Happy New Year! A Brand New Year and a Wish Granted. Together as a Family We Traveled to China…Beijing to the North and Guangzhou to the South. A Trip we had done two times before for China Adoptions. But Now as a Family with Teen Girls, We Will Experience China through Their Eyes. A Trip that Never Would Have Happened Without Miss Doodle’s Wish and the Make A Wish Foundation. We are very thankful to Make A Wish and to everyone that was part of this adventure. So Let’s Do China! So Glad You Can Come Along with Us.

9 Days in China. 4 Days in Frigid Beijing. 4 Days in Sub-Tropical Guangzhou. Itinerary Plans to Visit the Forbidden City. The Great Wall. Temples. Shamian Island. An Acrobatic Show. A Safari Park. And Miss Doodle’s Orphanage.

We Begin with a Pre-Crack of Dawn Start. 3AM. Yes…3AM. I thought we’d be the only ones in the airport. Boy, was I wrong. American Airlines and Make A Wish decorated the Gate for Our Trip to China with Chinese Banners and Greetings. The first leg is a quick hop to Dallas. The other Dallas-bound passengers are spellbound by all the Festivities. Smiles, Cheers and Hugs All Around. Rock Stars!

We are in Awe of it All.

1.5 hours to Dallas. Piece of Cake.

Just in Time for One Last American Breakfast.

And Now the Leg of the Trip Not for the Faint of Heart…American Airlines, Dallas to Beijing. Non-Stop. From New Mexico, Beijing Time is 15 Hours and One Day Ahead of Us. Let’s Do This. Hope We Can Sleep on the Plane.

My Best Tip for International Travel…or for any Travel…DO CARRY ON.

It can be done and I’m so glad we did. We each had a roller bag and one carry bag. The roller fit in the overhead compartment and the carry bag fit under the seat. We did one laundry service in the hotel after 4 days and that was enough for the remainder of the trip. True it is a bit of a hassle moving bags through the terminal, but it is so reassuring that everything you need is with you at all times.

Second Best Tip for International Travel…Have a pack for Passports. Keep Passports Close to You and Safe at All Times. A Pack worn around the neck (looks dorky) but works great.

Hello Beijing and Our Beijing Guide, Nelson.

Third Best Tip for Travel in China as Non-Chinese Speakers. Have a Guide/Interpreter and a Driver. This was a China Adoption Heritage Tour. A Fabulous Experience.

By the Way, Can You Tell Who Slept on the Plane? Hmmm. 🙂

The Poly Hotel, Beijing. Still Decorated for Christmas.

Beijing. A City of 20 Million. Frigid Cold and Bone-Dry in January. No Snow Here for Over a Year. A City Filled with Ancient, Wonderful Treasures.

But Wait…What Time is It? What Day is It? Hit the Wall. Crash Time.

Good Night China. See You at Daybreak. The Forbidden City Awaits.

Click On the Link to See China through Miss Doodle’s Eyes…
Make a Wish Trip to China.Song “High” by JPB.

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  1. Oh, I am so going to enjoy following on this journey. The festivities at the airport must have been so fun and surprising! That’s a long flight! We did the same with carry-on/personal item for our three and a half week Paris/England trip and were so glad we did. Made everything much easier and doing laundry in the hotel isn’t that bad. Your two sleepyheads — hope they recovered but I have a feeling they have way more energy than anyone else once they get going! Cn’t wait for party two!

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