China Day 2 – The Great Wall.

Today, Miss Doodle’s Wish Comes True. A Wish to Dance on the Great Wall of China. But It Is So Much More. It’s a Wish for Sisters to experience their Birthplace, China. To Be with Chinese People. To Learn Chinese Culture. To Experience Chinese Food. To Speak Chinese. To Hear Chinese. To Live for a Short Time in China. As a Family.

We traveled about 1.5 hours north of Beijing. Up into the mountains.

Our guide from Great Wall Adoption was wonderful.

Hugging the Mountain Tops, for Miles, the Great Wall is truly a Great Wall.

My Heart is So Full. A Wish is being Granted. I Have No Words.

Please Just Enjoy the Magic.

Dancing and Dancing.


All the Scariness is Behind Her. Today She Danced on the Great Wall of China. And Then She Kept on Dancing. Everywhere.


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