China Day 3 – Lama Temple and a Wild Rickshaw Ride

Pass through the Lama Temple Gates out of the bustle of Beijing.

The Quiet is Intoxicating.

A reflective, beautiful place. 85 Tibetan Monks live and worship here.

Frigid with Brisk Winds from the West. Typical Beijing in January.

We are Filled with Wonder and Enlightenment.

And Frozen Solid.

Next Stop..the HuTong Rickshaw Tour of Old Beijing.

During Warm Months, Lines Wind through the Streets waiting for a Rickshaw Ride.

Today, the Rickshaw Drivers are Waiting for Us.

We pass Frozen Canals against a Stark Blue Sky.

Winding through the Narrow Streets of HuTong. Just Like in a Movie.

Slowing Down the Pace Gives You a Chance to Really See What You Can See.

An Artist invites Us into her Home. Her Paper Cuttings are Exquisite.

Delicate Perfection.

A HuTong Cat in the Sunshine. A Perfect Paper Cutting Subject.

The Juxtaposition of Old Beijing and New China is Jarring, yet Amazing.

We Stop in a Tea Room for Lunch. Cozy and Warm.

Noodles Every Single Day. Every Meal.

Can We Please Skip the Temple of Heaven and Go Shopping?

So Off We Go to the Market Up the Street.

To Be Enveloped By All Things Chinese.

And We Just Have to Try a Chinese Starbucks.

With a Pig Cake to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019…Year of the Boar.

To See China Through the Girls’ Eyes. Enchanting.

This is Not Your Mother’s China Trip. 🙂

Click on the Sights and Sounds of China.

By Miss Doodle. Music “Light” by San Halo.

Magic at Every Turn.

2 thoughts on “China Day 3 – Lama Temple and a Wild Rickshaw Ride

  1. Wow. Those paper cuttings rock my world. Exquisite. And all the wonderful sights you’ve enjoyed. That tea looks good right now and it’s so cold I think I’m going to make me a cup!

  2. This trip has been a glorious gift…one I still can’t believe really happened and I’m so glad to be able to share it.

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