Guangzhou – The City that Creates Families.

Our Next Leg. Beijing to Guangzhou. 1000 Miles. 3 Hour Flight.

Temperature Change from Frigid 10 Degrees to Balmy 60 Degrees.

It Feels Very Much Like Going Home. And in a Way, We Are.

Sun Peeking Up. We’re Off to Guangzhou. A City of 16 Million.

For every China Adoption, Guangzhou is the mandatory destination. The American Embassy is Here. The China Civil Affairs Office is Here. Many of the Orphanages are Here. Everyone, at some point in the process, Comes to Guangzhou.

I am so excited for the Girls to Be Here.

The Girls Immediately Like the Warm Weather. And the Garden Hotel.

Our Guangzhou Guide, Helen, conducts China Adoption Heritage Tours. She is also a wife and mom to a 13 year old son. We immediately exchange anecdotes of parenting teens. You can travel to the other side of the Globe and the issue of teens not wanting to wear coats is real and ever present. The girls just roll their eyes. Helen and I laugh. 🙂

Miss Doodle’s Souvenir. The Forbidden City Palace Doors Backpack.

The Garden Hotel is in the Center of the City. It Does Not Disappoint.

A 100 Foot Waterfall inside the Hotel.

Koi Swim in in the Hotel Courtyard Lake.

A Simple Staircase. Dressed for Chinese New Year.

Guangzhou Comes Alive After Dark. Evening Cruise on the Pearl River.

A Dragon Boat skims by.

Every Bridge Over the River Struts its Stuff.

And These Silly Girls Keep on Dancing.

The Canton Tower. Newest Member of the Skyline.

Misty Night on the River.

There’s On Board Entertainment Too. Man with 1000 Faces.

First Full Day. After a Hotel Breakfast of Fabulous Delights, We’re Off.

Today is All About Temples. The Six Banyan Temple.

For Many China Adoptions, Babies are blessed at this Temple. I am so excited to be visiting it again.

We Burn Incense as an Offering.

The Giant Golden Buddah.


Lovely Flower Offerings.

And Fruit.

Tea is Served. Always at the Perfect Temperature.


On to the Chen Family Temple.

Colorful Flowers in January. So wonderful to See. To Touch.

Guardians at the Chen Front Doors. Evil Spirits Beware.

A School Field Trip in Action.

Giggles for the Wax Chinese Elders on Display.

One of My Favorite Spots in China. Shamian Island. The China Adoption Medical Exams Happen Here. And Fun Shopping for the New Babies.

The Gardens of Shamian are a Special Place for Bridal photographs before the Wedding Day. Wearing a Coat Backwards to Protect the Veil and Train.

The Photographer Gets the Shot to Save Forever.

Another Cute Couple waits their turn.

The Girls Say Shamian is a Perfect Place to Dance and Dance.

Silliness translates in Any Language.

Last Time we were here, the Girls were this Tiny. Our Memories.

Now We Watch Them Creating Memories of their Own.

Time to Shop for Special Gifts for School Friends.

And Visit a Giant Park to Swirl and Whirl.

And to Capture More Memories for a Lifetime.

Then it was the Day to Visit the Orphanage. This was the part of the Trip that I couldn’t visualize in my head. I didn’t know how it would go. I wasn’t sure the girls were ready to experience their birthplace.

And Suddenly, there It Is. The orphanage. Heavy blue tint on the windows, just as I remembered. The Same, but Different.

Tiled Steps to the Baby Room. Where once there were many babies.

Now only a handful remain. Waiting to be adopted.

The New Director Greets Us at the Front Door.

I am Presented with a photo from Her File. A special gift.

The Orphanage Conference Room. With the Party Flag.

We are invited to Lunch. Lively Chatter, Laughter and Serious Discussions.

It is All So Very Special.

Walking Back through the Streets to the Orphanage.

So Very Much the Same. Yet Different. The Girls Now So Grown Up.

Back Through the Gates for the Last Time.

A Final Good Bye of Warm Hugs.

A Hug for Me Too and a Thank You to Parents from the Director.

The Girls are Self Confident. Thank You.  Good Job.

An Important Day. A Special Visit.

Guangzhou. The City that Creates New Moms and Dads and Families.

These are the Days in China Filled with Magic.

Click Here for the Sights and Sounds of Guangzhou.

Through Miss Doodle’s Eyes.

“A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay.

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