I Have a Mermaid House in Florida,

Oh yes I do,

It makes me Happy,

When I’m Cold and my Fingers are Blue.

Snowbird Guests are there Now,

Enjoying the Pool,

Walking the Beach,

Enjoying the Sunshine, as is the Rule.

Yes, I have a House in Florida,

And on Days Like This,

I Close My Eyes Tight and Make a Wish.

I Wish that the Snow Will Melt,

Work won’t Call,

I’ll Hop the Next Plane to Florida,

And Forget It All.

But for Now, Florida Must Wait,

Snow still falling at a steady Gait,

School Doors Shut Tight, But Work does Call,

Careful Driving, Be Safe for Us All.

That House in Florida,

Will Still Sparkle and Shine,

A House in Florida,

So Glad it is Mine.

Waiting Not So Patiently for Spring. How About You?

Holding on to the Magic.

3 Replies to “Brrr…”

  1. We in Albuquerque are lucky … just enough snow to remind us it’s winter! My family in Northern Virginia just bought a home in Fort Myers for a winter getaway now and a retirement home later. They have really had a winter! Personally, I hate snow, cold and winter. By the way, love the big picture of Ms Doodle on the wall! What a wonderful picture and wonderful memory!

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