Trying On China.

China. We Tried it On. I’m Glad We Did.

Strikingly Beautiful. Fascinating. Steeped in History. But Difficult, if You’re Not Ready.

Our limited Mandarin was Not Enough to Breeze through China.

Hello. Good Bye. Thank you. And Wo Ai Ni…I Love You. That was it. We couldn’t converse with the people we met. This is a Huge Obstacle. Next time, we Need to Do it Better and Have a Decent Command of the Language.

Traveling with Guides and Drivers is a First for Us. And very, very nice.

The few times we were on our own, we struggled, but we worked together and figured it out. Being Aware of the Surroundings is Safety First.

Our Last Stop is for the Girls. Chimelong Safari Park. Home of the Pandas.

At first glance it appears like an average zoo where the animals roam free…

…but then you’re Greeted by a 20 foot tall giraffe/man directing Traffic…we think…no English is spoken here.

Chimelong may have taken tips from Disney in offering the most effective ways to move masses of humanity through the park…there are Trains…

…Exotic Tropical Pathways…

…with warning signs almost lost in translation…

…and Flying Overhead Gondolas.

Family Seating High above the Animals is Perfect…

…For a Bird’s Eye View of the Whole Park.

Also like Disney, the entry fee pays for all the attractions…except the food.

And Each Attraction Exits into a Gift Shoppe. We meet a Christmas Tree(?)…in January. Wearing Rubber Hospital Gloves.

Spotting Glimpses of Guangzhou from above the Treetops.

And Finally, the Crowning Glory – The Pandas.

Loved and Beloved.

Massive and Powerful. With the Cutest Faces Ever.

Living in Natural Tropical Settings.

But Sadly, Still Pacing.

Our Guide explained there are No Animals in the City. I didn’t even see Birds. So the Safari Park lets us See the Animals Up Close.

A Quick Hop on the Rides. On a Wednesday in January, No Waiting.

A Phoenix Bird(?) at the Food Pavilion. A Wide, Open Area for Eating and Watching the Shows.

A Russian Dance Troupe as Bengal Tigers.

The White Leopard Marching Band is a Hit.

They Also Sing and Dance. “YMCA”. Hilarious and Silly!

Like Most Theme Parks, Lunch is crazy expensive. $12 for Chinese Noodles, Beef and Bok Choy.

Mealtime for the Elephants is more interesting.

They do tricks for their supper…perhaps former circus stars…hopefully enjoying a new, stress-free life together.

On to the Koalas. They almost don’t look real.

And All Too Soon it is Time to Say Our Good Byes and Pack for Home.

One last early morning walk before Guangzhou wakes up.

Catching the beginnings of the Chinese New Year Prep.

The City shuts down for the Two-Weeks of Chinese New Year when everyone travels home.

We are Ready to Go Home Too.

All Settled in for the First Leg…11 Hours to Vancouver. Koala and Baby too.

Then a Tiny Hop to Rainy Seattle.

And Finally a Break in the Clouds for Home.

A Trip to Last a Lifetime. Safe in our Memories. With Lessons Learned. Interests Peaked. Challenges Met. Wishes Granted.

Being Together as a Family. Magical.

4 thoughts on “Trying On China.

  1. I loved every image and reading all the trip posts. But I get what you mean. When I was in Japan, I was terrified of getting separated from Rick because I couldn’t read anything or say anything. I suspect it would be similar in China where you can’t even read a street sign well enough to know how to get from one spot to another! At least in Europe, you can look in a book and the alphabet is the same! But what a trip for the books, Jeanne. And for such a wonderful reason — to fulfill a wish. Could anything be better? And you maxed it all — and what wonderful photos you have to remember it all by. Biggest smiles here.

  2. 🙂 And sometimes Wo Ai Ni is just enough. Spreading Love when we travel may be what it really is all about.
    Wo Ai Ni from across the Miles and Beyond!

  3. What a wonderful trip! Thank you Doodle Family for sharing it with your friends! Your pictures are amazing. And, may I add that the family picture in this post is terrific! You guys are the best.

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