Almost Spring. Shake It Up.

I’m Done with the Cold and the Grey and the Hum Drum…Both Inside and Out…I Bet You are Too.

So for a No-Cost Fix for Spring, I tried Flip Flopping the Great Room…

Nothing Else Changed…Just Moving Stuff from One Side to the Other.

The New Arrangement Does Breathe Light into the Room…But the Green Sofas Said They are Weary and Begged to Move On and Out.

We Obliged. Donations are Good. We “Marie Kondo’d” the Set…They Just Weren’t Sparking Joy Anymore. I Asked IKEA to Step In with their Still Going Strong 1980 Klippan Love Seats…In Grey Cotton Duck ($249 each). Paired with a Metal Side Table ($25).

Cheap and Easy to Assemble. Hopefully Cat-Proof. But Not Yet Quite Right.

Some More Flipping and Flopping and Moving and Shaking….

I’m Not 100% Sold, but Any Change is Good. Freeing and Fun.

And a Warm Hello to Spring…

Knowing that Summer Won’t Be Far Behind.

Outside Also Has to be Tackled and Conquered.

The Beginning of a Raised Bed for Vegetables…By the Numbers…Moving 24 Cement Blocks to Create the Bed…Then Adding 10 – 60 lb. Bags of Soil.

What to Plant??? Vegetables that Everyone Will Eat. Hmm…Any Ideas?

Spring is Filled with the Best of Intentions…Proud Smiles and Achy Bodies. All for a Good Cause.

Thrilled for the Promise of Spring Everywhere..,a Costco Parking Lot Nest.

The World Comes Alive…one Cracker Barrel Cottontail at a time.

Always Magical and New.

Happy Spring. And Thankfully Right on Time. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Almost Spring. Shake It Up.

  1. You’re right, the seats are bigger than love seats…firm and substantial but easily moved about…the look is all clean lines and simple…I actually wanted white but the grey was $100 cheaper per seat…so for that price, the grey works just fine. 🙂

  2. Good job! I like the new sofas facing each other, I think the room looks bigger that way (I see the cat likes it that way too)! I think you’ll be happier with the gray in the long run!

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