Family Day…Ten Years of Surprises

Family Day. The Day an Adopted Child Finds Their Forever Family. A Celebration of Being Together. Being Loved. For Us, a Table for 4.

Morning Celebrations are Perfect as the Sun Peeks Up Over the Mountain. Table Set with Sparkles and Silliness.

Cinnamon Rolls Smell as Sweet as Warm Family Hugs.

At Each Place Setting, a Tiny Present.

Surprises Peek Out from the Most Unexpected Places.

And Everyone in the Family is Invited to the Celebration. 6 AM Never Looked so Good.

Picking the Party Food is Part of the Fun. This Year McDonald’s.

A Banner of the Party Girl has a Place of Honor on Family Day.

Each Year, Marking a Special Milestone.

Always Sweet Surprises. At the Crack of Dawn.

Wouldn’t it be Nice if every Family Celebrated Family Day? Maybe You Can. Pick a Day. Invite Everyone to a Silly Breakfast. Have a Tiny Gift at Each Place Setting. Nothing Big, Nothing Fancy, Just a Tiny I’m-Glad-You-Share-A-Family-With-Me Surprise. And Bask in the Sunny Smiles of Each Other.

Oh…and Don’t Forget the Banner. 🙂

Happy Family Day Magic!

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