Lumps of Clay Make Magic

This Story Begins with a Box of Clay and a Desire to Spend Time Together.

And This Guy as Inspiration. Our Thackery.

We Begin by Molding an Armature of Paper, Cardboard and Tape. This is Going to Be Larger Than Life.

Now the Fun Part. Adding the Clay. Lump by Lump.

School Clay is So Workable. It Sticks to Any Surface. Sprinkles of Water Keep it Pliable. It Air Dries. Fast. And Takes All Paints. Perfect.

All Hands Soon Come to Help. Dad works the big areas.

We Share a Few Hours of Quiet Talking and Mushing Clay.

The Pressures of Work and School are Pushed Aside.

Thackery, the Neighborhood Stray is a good Model. At this point, I’m not sure who adopted whom, but he appears at the back door every 12 hours; 6AM. 6PM. A regular visitor who wiggled into our hearts.

The family cats are far from impressed. In fact, if given the opportunity, a major cat fight would ensue. The separation of indoor and outdoor is a Necessity. Thankfully, Clay Thackerey is No Threat in their Eyes.

We Work the Clay and Talk. Together.

I’m realizing how fleeting childhood is. Every moment counts. I Hold On Tight So I Can One Day Let Them Go.

At first, there is resistance to doing a project. None of the other kids in my class are doing art projects. But we just keep working the clay.

And as a Cat Takes Shape, Giggles Increase and Time Doesn’t Matter.

On To the Paint. And Sprinkles of Gold Glitter.

The Final Touch. A Secret Gold Heart on top of his head. A Family Kiss.

Then He’s Packed Up for the Ride to the School Art Show.

Hey Look—There He is…Thackery! But What’s By His Side..a Gold Statute?

The Grand Prize Winner!

Winning is Wonderful. But Oh My, the Magic of the Ride!

Wish I Could Bottle Up the Magic. But I Think I Already Have…Memories. 🙂

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