Tom Hanks is Working Hard. In My Neighborhood. Really.

Hollywood is Back in a Big Way. In Albuquerque. Actually, in My Neighborhood. Vans and Trucks Parked Everywhere. Caravans of Vehicles Line the Alleys. Cameras and Lights and Food Trucks Work Non-Stop. Crews and Security Guards. Cables and Wires. Hollywood on Location.

They Put in Long Hours. Everyone Seems to Stand Around and Then There is a Sudden Flurry of Activity and Then They Stand Around Some More. Filming Happens at Night. Filming goes on in the Wee Early Morning Hours. Filming on a Quiet Tuesday Afternoon. Presently, Filming is Happening Inside an Abandoned Building in Downtown Albuquerque.

I Have Not Seen Tom Hanks. I’ll Let You Know When I Do.

And as for the Crew…No One. And I Really Do Mean NO ONE Says Anything. They Dress Like Hollywood…Jeans. Leather Jackets. Boots. And Sun Hats to Protect their Skin from the Intense Sun Rays of New Mexico.

But No One Says a Thing.

I Suspect They Can’t. I Mean, Really, How Would It Look?

So One Mid-Week Morning When I Shouted Across the Street to the Ever Present Crew Workers…”Hey, What Movie is This?”

Everyone Politely Put Their Heads Down, Ever Intent on Their Phones.

No Words. No Nods. Nothing.

Now the Whiff in the Air is that Hollywood is Here for a Blockbuster Tom Hanks Movie. A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of a Scientist (Hanks) who is the Last Person on Earth. He Knows He Doesn’t Have Much Time. He has a Dog that he loves and he fears will outlive him. For the care of the dog, he creates a Robot and tries to instill human qualities of Love and Affection and Caring so the Dog will be Loved after he is gone. “Bios”. Maybe that is the Working Title. I Don’t Know for Sure.

I Think that’s the Movie. Something Like That. I’m Already Weepy and All I’ve Seen are the Trucks and Vans. Cables and Wires. Food Trucks. Cameras. And Crew dressed in their Jeans, Leathers, Boots and Funky Sun Hats that They Picked up from Walmart.

Shoot. Doesn’t Anyone Clue Them In About the Intense Sun Here?

I Would Have Helpfully Told Them. But, as I Told You, No One Says a Thing.

Hello Hollywood. Hi, Tom Hanks! I Love the Movie Already.

And Don’t Worry. I’ll Be Cool. No Autograph Requests.

I’m Glad You’re Here. I’m Really Thrilled You’re Reading the Blog.

You See. Finding Magic Every Day isn’t Impossible.

You Just Have to Look Up. 🙂

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