When is it Spring?

Now. Of Course. But Shoot, I Almost Missed It.

Work has been Intense. Long, Long Hours. Up in the Dark. Home in the Dark. Lunch without Windows. Dark. But Surprisingly Productive.

That’s All Good. But…No Time to Catch My Breath and See Spring.

Until We Spent a Sunday Lunch at a Teppan Grill Decked Out for Spring.

Hello Samurai!

Flirty Umbrellas Make Everyone Smile.

Crispy Fresh Greens with a Touch of Sesame Oil. So Refreshing.

Clear Broth to Warm the Soul.

Lunch by Fire. Coming Right Up.

No Roly Poly Diners Here. The Offerings are Healthy. Fresh. Fun.

And Magical. Flaming Onions into Volcanoes with the Flick of the Wrist.

Hello Spring. Glad I Didn’t Miss Your Sparkle.

Has Spring Sparkled in Your Neck of the Wood?

Oh Good. 🙂

2 thoughts on “When is it Spring?

  1. Not much spring here yet — I love your purple myrtle and those festive umbrellas. We have a few shoots out of the ground… but I suppose those could get nailed in the coming weeks — definitely unpredictable here!

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