A Wink Back at a Wish

Make a Wish Foundation. A Stellar Organization that is the Ultimate Creator of Magic.

A Healing Magic for the Soul of the Child and the Family.

This Year’s Fundraiser included Miss Doodle as the Keynote Speaker. And Dancer. Enough Funds were raised to Continue Granting Wishes.

Some Winks of a Special Evening. A Special Evening Indeed.

Practicing for the Chinese Ballet Performance.

She was Glowing.

Posters of All the Wish Kids are Proudly Displayed. Here is the newest one.

All is Ready for the Main Event.

I have only “Before” images. None of the actual event. Once Miss Doodle was Introduced and walked on stage to give her speech and then to dance, I was so filled with Joy that all I could do was let it Flood over Me.

I Suppose this Works for All the Special Events of One’s Life…

Relax and Let It Happen. That Way You Never Miss the Magic.

Thanks for Sharing the Ride with Me.

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