Maybe We Eat Out Too Much

Baby Boomer Parents to Millennial Teens. While Many of our friends are retired, We’re still slogging along with All the Balls in the Air. Full Time Work. Mid-School Kid. High School Kid Ballet Classes. Homework. House Chores. Yard Work. Pets. Laundry. Grocery Shopping. Costco Runs. Making Lunches. Cooking Meals.

Did I Forget Anything?

You Get the Picture.

I’m Really Not Complaining. I Love the Crazy Juggling. Keeps Me Young.

I Know…In My Dreams. 🙂

It’s Been Proven, Over and Over, that Eating Meals Together Keeps a Unified Front. Keeps the Finger on the Pulse. Helps Make a Family Strong. Sharing Stories Over a Meal. Listening. Laughing. Loving and Being Loved.

But There are those Nights When Adding Cooking to the Mix, Even My One Stop 15-Minute Stove to Table Creations Just Won’t Do. We’re All Spent. So…We Step Back and Add a Quick Zing to Meal Time. Let’s Go Out!

Since I have been Yapping Everyone’s Ears Off About France and Castles…

Tonight is French!

A Favorite Place Just Up the Road in Funky Old Town, La Crepe Michel. Reasonable Prices. Excellent Food. Fun. And We Know the Chef.

We Can Dress Up or Down. Silliness is Always Allowed.

I Really Need to Cut Back on the Bread. Just Not Tonight.

Salad and Steak Frites. For Our Red Meat Guy.

Salad Nicoise for the Girls.

Chicken and Mushroom Crepe for Me. Lovely French Beans and Carrots.

Candlelight is Perfect for Swapping School Drama Stories. Everything is Special By Candlelight. And No Added Up Charges to the Bill.

Any Remaining Tears or Fears are Wiped Clean with a Crepe David…Nutella spread on a Warm Crepe. Filled with Vanilla Ice Cream. Topped with Hot Fudge. Served with 4 Forks.

Old Town Sparkles in the Spring. A Quick Trip Can Feel Like a Vacation.

Do We Eat Out Too Much???

Shoot. No.

Eating Out Becomes a Mini-Vacation from the Daily Scheduled Chaos.

Try Being a Tourist in Your Home Town. Sparkle and Shine. Magic.

My One-Pot Chicken Over a Bed of Rice Dinners are Warming in the Wings.

Tonight, Mademoiselle, You Are in France!

6 thoughts on “Maybe We Eat Out Too Much

  1. Love this post! Love the pictures! Not a fan of French cuisine, but I was very impressed with what I saw. Just might try it. The girls, as always, are beautiful and Old Town is magical. BTW, you are absolutely right, it is keeping you young!

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