A No-Vampires Dinner

Created in Lightening Speed. 15 Minutes.  Just Enough Time before the Pool Swimmers Return. Faster than Fast…Angel Hair Pasta and Meat Sauce. With Garlic as the Star. A Cooking Lesson for a Grown Up Girl. Taught by a Not-So-Great Cook who does know Italian… Garlic and Red Peppers Sauce. First Attempt at Made-from-Scratch Garlic Bread. […]

Falling in Love with a Butter Boat

Collecting and Collections.  Over the Years, I’ve loved a Varied Bunch. Blue and White China.  Blue Willow and all-things Spode.  Check. My Newport Mansion Teapot with a Message for the Centuries. Chickens.  Born when we had 28 goofy birds. Friends and Family created This Collection.   A Chicken Tote Bag.  Check. A Life-long Passion for British Royalty. Lady Diana.  The Queen. William and Kate. Check.  […]

This is Sizzling Hot

50 Days of 100 Degrees F.    37.78 Degrees C. Yes, I’m Counting the Days. Zero Humidity.  Crackling Hot and Dry.  As We Wait for the Healing Rains. In case 100 degrees isn’t in Your Backyard…Here is a Snapshot of 100 Degrees in New Mexico. Find a Shady Spot.  With a Cold Drink.  And Stay Cool […]

10 Rules for the Best Yard Sale De-Cluttering

The Best Yard Sale You Need to Have…Now! Remember the Focus of the Sale is to De-Clutter the House. Simple Sale nets Simplified House. Now is the perfect time for a Mid-Summer De-Clutter the House Sale. Start Saturday Morning.  7AM.  Before the Heat Sets In. Catch the shoppers who are not away on vacation. End […]

Santa Fe Style Meets Costco Alfresco Dining

The House is On the Move. Staying Close to Home has given me an opportunity to evaluate how we live in these spaces and what we can do to change it all up.   Without Spending any Money. Moving Furniture.  Flip Flopping Spaces. Utilizing All the Square Footage of this Home is the Goal. Having Fun and […]

Best Summer Bang for Your Buck

The Ultimate Fruit of Summer.  Watermelon! Round.  Wet.  Cold.  Christmas Colors.  And Cheap. But Beware… Left Uncut in the Refrigerator, it will Stay Whole Forever. Cut into Chunk-Size Pieces, It’s Gone in a Flash. Perfect Anytime Anywhere…Breakfast.  Snacks.  Late Night.  Eaten Inside or Out. But hey…where did all the black watermelon seeds go??? I’m kind […]

A 2-Minute Blizzard

Well, it is January. January and Snow.  Happy Together. I am Thankful that the Snow Here Comes and Goes in a Hot Minute. But it is Crazy to Watch. Early Morning.   Cold.   Quiet. Suddenly.  Hail Hitting the Windows. Bouncing Off the Bricks. 1 Minute Coverage. Brrr… Accumulating Fast. Total Coverage. All in 2-Minutes. Then Whoosh.  […]

Daybreak Meals

By the Dawn’s Early Light. Weekdays Around Here are Hectic. Over Breakfast, each day, the Question of What’s for Dinner Comes Up. Eating Oatmeal while Deciding on Beef or Chicken is Not Really My Thing. But That’s Just the Way it Goes. So the Question…Beef or Chicken? Today’s Best Answer…Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, Peppers. And […]

1000 Futons and a Shell

We Viewed 1000 Futons. Or FA-TOONS as My Mom Calls Them.  🙂 For a Simple Refresh at Home.   A Refresh of the Fireplace Room. The Space is Narrow.  Tight.  Darker than other Rooms in the House. With a Turquoise Door.  White Fireplace.  White Banco.  Wood Floor. Overseen by an Antelope. Affectionately called “Jack”…you know, Jack-A-Lope. Since I […]

From 80 to 8

A 72 Degree Drop for Us. Cold and Wet and Today a First Snow. Icy Roads and Snow Will Close the Schools. Time for a Morning Walk before the Sun and Everyone are Up. Just Me and My Flip Flops and the Snow. Care to Join Me?  OK, You Can Slip on Your Boots. Quick […]