Read to Me. Please.

Mr. Doodle is a Wonderful Reader. He’s Been Reading Since He was 4. He said that even in College, the Professor would have him read out loud to the Class. His Voice is Strong yet Soothing.  Like Warm Syrup on Pancakes. Together.  Side by Side.  Hot Chocolate in Hand. Just Before Bedtime.  He Reads a […]

One More Song at Bedtime

This is a Sponsored Post.  I was Gifted the Product.  All Opinions are My Own. You Know All the Reading Statistics. Reading aloud  to our Children is important on so many levels. It is the single most important activity leading to language development. Reading aloud builds word-sound awareness and is a predictor of reading success. Reading aloud builds […]


For Our Series Reading is Fun! A Trip to New York! A Kid’s Perspective on Why Kids Should Go to New York. Written, Illustrated, Directed and Narrated by Miss Doodle 2. We’re Working on Reading and Writing this Summer.  Trying to Make it Fun. 🙂 The Written and Spoken Word has Been a Struggle. Learning […]

The Fish Story

Last in our Summer Series of  original written and illustrated stories on “Reading is Fun!” “The Fish Story” This one makes me cry.  Every single time. Disclaimer:  Music from Disney’s Finding Nemo – Nemo Egg (Main Title). Enjoy. Did you feel the Magic?

A Summer Read

“I don’t know what to write about.” “Write about what you know.” Enjoy our Second Book in the “Reading is Fun!” series… “Tess and Feather, A Story About Friends” Read by the Author….With Sound Effects…What could be better than that? Nurturing a Love of Reading….Opening up her World to all the MAGIC!

Meeting Miss Mack

The Reading Teacher has a brilliant idea   –   A POEM IN YOUR POCKET. Find a Poem.  Memorize the Poem.  Recite the Poem.  3 days to complete the task. We were up for the challenge.   It was decided that the poem had to be short or else it couldn’t be memorized.    I know,  I […]