I Have a Mermaid House in Florida, Oh yes I do, It makes me Happy, When I’m Cold and my Fingers are Blue. Snowbird Guests are there Now, Enjoying the Pool, Walking the Beach, Enjoying the Sunshine, as is the Rule. Yes, I have a House in Florida, And on Days Like This, I Close […]

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Soup Pot…Or How To Own a Vacation Rental on a Shoestring Budget

At Home in New Mexico, We’re at Triple Digits Every Day.  Still. Our Vacation Home/Rental is in Steamy Florida.  Sunny Soup Pot.   Because of Our Crazy Life, It’s Been Almost 2 Years Since We Spent Time in the Florida House. And Now, Finally, a Visit to See How the House is Doing. Oh, Yes, […]

Adios Irma…Thanks for Leaving Us Safe.

Hurricane Irma Blew In Fast with a Wallop and a Flip and Some Sass. The Tiny House Stood Tall and Strong.  A Dear Friend Stopped By Our House to Assess the Damage. And She Sent Photos… Pool Cage Weathered 75mph Winds. Tree Still Upright and Strong in the Front Yard.  Rain-Soaked but Standing. Pool Water […]

A Tiny House in the Eye of a Storm

Our Last View of Florida was 9 Months Ago.  When All Was Well. The Tiny Mermaid House We Left Behind Now Sits in the Eye of Irma. Dear Mermaid House, Please Stay Safe.  Stay Protected.  Stay Strong. Our Friends in the Area have Evacuated and Are Safe. We Are Safe.  Sitting 2000 Miles Away. But […]

Cross Country Remodel Madness!

I am so excited for You to see Our Cross Country Remodel. In the Vacation House. A Mix of Wood and Recycled Glass and Tin and Madness. Mostly Madness. The Idea Sounded Simple Enough.  In July. Create a Small Bar Area Big Enough for 2. On the End Counter in a Galley Kitchen.   Room for 2 Bar […]

The One Day Kitchen Remodel…Really!

Ahh…Christmas Vacation in the Mermaid House. In Sunny, Warm Florida. Sun, Sand, Shells, Shark Teeth, Boats, Shopping, Shrimp for Days and a Kitchen Remodel. A Kitchen Remodel!?! Yes.  One Day to Transform the Kitchen. With a Company that I found On-Line.   Trend Transformations. We are putting in Recycled Glass Countertops. The Color – White Star  […]

Exotic Woods. Oh Me. Oh My.

A Plan to Make Kitchen Magic. In Wood. In Our Little House in Florida. When We First Met the Florida Kitchen, She Looked Like This…  With Clean Up, a Tin Backsplash and Paint She Morphed to This… She’s Ready for a Simple UpGrade.  Nothing Crazy or Expensive.  New Laminate Countertops.  In White. Then I Had an Idea…For […]

A Home of One’s Own

A Home of One’s Own.  We are so thankful for this opportunity. We enjoy being stewards of a home in Florida.  We don’t get much time here, but we love that the tenants are enjoying the home and plan to return year after year.  For this trip, we did some minor repairs and then had […]

Dear Mermaid House

Dear Mermaid House, we love you, it’s true, Our House filled with beautiful shades of blue. Two years ago today we were handed the keys, With two years of payments and new septic fees. Snowbirds love you, all your quirks they know, We are just beginning to see your show. The Gulf is close as […]

Mermaid House reveal…

 With $4,000 for the paint, back-splash tin and contents, 4 days to complete, 1 husband, 1 wife and 2 kids, we designed and decorated The Mermaid House. Please come on in and take a look…