Doodle T…that’s Me!


Hello from Doodle T.   I’m Jeanne.  A lawyer, artist, wife, and mom to two beautiful girls adopted from China.

In this Tough and Sometimes Ugly World, I Strive to Find a Bit of Whimsy, Laughter and Fun Every Day.  Some Days the Quest is Hard.  Unruly at Best.  There is lots that goes into the Soup…Raising Girls, Working on a Marriage, Being a Full Time Attorney and Now a Senior is Challenging but a Challenge I Accept and Whip Into Shape Every Day.  And I Love Every Moment.  The Good and the Scary.

On those long and so serious days, I try to be Brave and Remember that in everything there is MAGIC…and I Smile.  Please join me in navigating this Wonderful World…learning, creating, parenting, loving and being loved.

I’d love to hear from you.  Email me at

Strap in, I know it will be an incredible ride…Love, Jeanne

7 thoughts on “Doodle T…that’s Me!

  1. Hello Jeanne, lovely to meet you. I just wanted to pop over and say hi, and thank you for following my blog, Lynne’s Recipe Trails. I look forward to reading and visiting your blog. I must say it really looks like a fun blog. Hope you have a great week. 🙂

    1. Welcome Joanne – so good to meet you…and so pleased you’ll take the challenge with me to find magic everyday…not always easy but I’ll make it fun…promise!

  2. Hi Jeanne. It’s lovely to meet you, although I’ve seen you name on my daughter’s blog a few times. (Louise
    at thestorytellersabode). She’s someone else who likes a bit of daily magic! You do have a busy life – and I can see you’re enjoying every minute of it. I’m retired now, after teaching for far too many years. I don’t post as often as Lou at the moment as I’m trying to get the third book of my trilogy finished, but I like to post about interesting customs and great places we visit. I’ll look forward to having a read of your posts and must add that your photo above is really lovely.

    1. Hi Millie – Lovely to meet you too. Yes, I do very much enjoy your daughter’s blog. And I am so looking forward to reading your posts….so Hello from across the miles. Jeanne 🙂

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