A Simple Fix When Missing the Sea

July 4th, for Me, was Always, Always at the Ocean.  Fire Island, Long Island.     Crack of Dawn Morning till Dark.   3 Meals.  With the Entire Extended Family     Tons of Sun.  Running with Sparklers Along the Shore at Day’s End.     New Mexico Doesn’t Offer the Same Perks.     […]

Prepare to Be Amazed…The BioPark

The Albuquerque BioPark. A Trifecta of Gardens, Aquarium and Zoo with a Train that Connects All 3. An Annual Membership is Cost-Effective and Allows Residents to Stop By Any Time. For Visitors, The BioPark Is a Special Place to Visit to Be Amazed. On a Still Hot and Now Humid Afternoon, the Ladies Ventured Out to the […]

Following the Light

Winter.  A Season Not for the Weak. Short Days.  Long Nights. Cold.  Dark. Mostly for Me, It’s the Dark. I Don’t Like the Dark. And So We Have Christmas Lights! Perfect Timing.  The River of Lights.   At the Albuquerque BioPark. Wild Animals and Sea Creatures and Plants.   All Created from Lights. Bundle Up.  Take My […]

Zoo Breaks in a Flash

Summer and Hot. A Time to Fill Your Soul with Magic. A Quick Lunch Break at the Zoo. Having a Yearly Membership makes Hopping Over to the Zoo Easy.   A Family of 4 is $99 for the Year.   Unlimited Visits! New Mexico BioPark Society Hop.  Hop.  Hop. 3 Minutes from Downtown. A World Away. […]

An Hour of Flowers

Spring Break for Them.  But Work for Us. Hmmm. One Hour Left in the Day.  Let’s Stop to Smell, See, Touch and Experience Flowers. A Short Hop from the Office. But Miles of Smiles Away. Come with Us for a Walk through the Gardens of the Albuquerque BioPark. We start at the Children’s Garden.   A […]