The Zing and Zang of School Uniforms

Should Schools Require Uniforms?   This Pressing Question, Will NOT Be Addressed Here Today.  Another Day, Perhaps. But Not Today. At this School (K – 8) Uniforms are Mandatory.  It’s a Charter School.     When You Select the School.  You Must Follow the Rules of the School. Not that I Worship Rules.  But in […]

Lunch Can Be Magical. If You Know Where to Look.

Summer 2018 is Spiraling Down.  Fast. Our High Schooler is Back in School.  This is an Impact Year for Her Future Goals. Our Mid-Schooler has One More Week.  Still Time to Find Lunch Time Adventures with Mom. And So Little Miss and I Ventured Out at Lunch. Downtown.  In the Ghastly Heat. To See What […]

Before and After Hair…Worth a Click!

Hair Extraordinaire! Every 6 Weeks We Make a Saturday Pilgrimage to Our Mecca…Just the Girls. Sergio’s Hair Studio, A Paul Mitchell Salon.  In Albuquerque. The Salon is Top Rated.  Sergio is a Paul Mitchell National Educator. Color and Cut.  His Specialties.   Our Visits are a Family Gathering.  A Time to Relax and Let the Master Work […]

4 in 15 Challenge Summer Harvest

Back to School.  Always Working. End of Summer.  Need a Fast, Healthy, Light Dinner? Made from Kitchen to Table in 15 Minutes? In One Pot? Take the 4 in 15 Challenge using the End of Summer Harvest. In One Pot Create Fast Meals.  Healthy Meals.  Just Not Write-Home-About Meals. 🙂 Ready? Your 4 Ingredients to Cook […]

A Cool Mom’s Guide to Back to School Hair

I want to be the Cool Mom.  Don’t We All? But…Ah…the Big But. Hair Color.  Guess it’s No Big Deal.  But…Yes…the Big But. Her Beautiful.  Perfect.  Long Straight Black Hair.  Untouched.   Perfect. Did I say Perfect?  Yes.  Perfect. But  Finally I Agree to Some Color. Really Mom???     I Can Get Color??? At a Salon.  With an Expert.  […]

First Day Back. Check!

First Day of School. Always a Special Day.  Every Year. Magic Begins on this First Day and Hopefully Stays throughout the Year. The First Day Sizzles with Hopes and Dreams. First Day Outfit.  Backpack.  Supplies.   Carefully Selected.  Check. Up at the Crack of Dawn.  Check.  New Paint Job for the School.  New Teachers.  New Kids.  […]

End of Summer…Sigh.

Summer comes Early Here. All good.  Great. But Back to School comes Early Here too. Second Week of August….We’re All Back to School. Come join us for a Quick Summer Spin…   Cliff’s Amusement Park…a local establishment in Albuquerque for over 50 years. Still Making Memories. And an End of Summer Awards Celebration – The […]