Behind the Curtain…A Dungeon Mom’s Tale of The Nutcracker

Degas-Inspired Ballerinas.  Graceful and Strong. Dazzling Sets.  Victorian Christmas Décor. Excited Children in their Taffeta Finery.  Candy Canes tucked in their Pockets. Make Way for The Nutcracker at The Kimo Theatre. Downtown Albuquerque. Magic. This is What We See From the House Seats. But What Goes On Behind the Curtain?   Does All the Magic […]

A Magical Evening

Opening Night of The Nutcracker. A Beloved Ballet Played All Over the World at Christmas Time. This One in Albuquerque. How Many Times have You Seen The Nutcracker? Hundreds. Does it ever get old?   No.  Never.  🙂 Four Months of Hard Work.  Long Hours.  All Comes Together Tonight. Angels and Soldiers and Party Girls and […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Be the Soldier

A Quick Peek at Nutcracker Rehearsals. Faster than You Can Leap and Twirl and Say Sugar Plum Fairy, It’s Nutcracker Season! Here We Have the Trifecta of Nutcrackers… Beginning Thanksgiving Weekend and Ending Christmas Eve Day, Three Local Ballet Companies Twirl their Stuff. Each has a Different Spin.  All are Dazzling and Fun. The Nutcracker is […]

Auditions for the Joffrey

Really? Yes.  Really. An Audition with The Joffrey Ballet. The Studio.  Calm on the Outside…Full of Jittery Dancers Inside. All Hopeful for an Opportunity to Dance with the Best of the Best. In NYC. This Summer. A Big Step…uh, no…LEAP! And Being So Grateful for the Opportunity… To Audition… And Now Waiting to Hear… It […]

Behind the Velvet Curtain

Opening Night.  The Nutcracker Ballet Buns tightly wound.  Bobby pins.  Net.  Hairspray.  Gel. Dramatic Ballet Eyes.  Eyeliner.  Shadow. Blush on the Apple of Each Cheek. Nude Leotards.  Pink Tights.  Pink Shoes with Ribbons. The Kimo Theatre, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Ready. All Behind the Velvet Curtain. Photo courtesy of Ballet Repertory Theatre of NM Tickets available […]

The Hard Road to First Pointe

Hard Work.  Long Hours.  Ballerinas are Not Wimps. Ballerinas are Athletes.  Definitely. And Finally the Ultimate Goal Achieved – En Pointe. First Pointe Shoes. First Fitting at New Mexico Dancewear under the guidance of the Director of Ballet Repertory Theatre. This is how feet, ankles and legs look en pointe. First Examine the Feet. Add […]

Auditions in August!

Black Leotards.  Ballet Pink Tights. Soft Pink Leather Slippers. The Nutcracker Ballet Auditions in August! Audition Numbers securely pinned. Nervous Giggles. Measure First. At the Barre. Then Across the Floor. One Hour. All for the Love of Dance. And The Nutcracker. Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico Yes…it really is Coming. Feel the Chill? Snowflakes […]