Birthdays Should Always Be Special

You Just Can’t Miss a Moment of Your Birthday. That Is My Wish for Everyone. You.  As the Star for the Day.  Your Fabulous Day. And in My Mind…the Earlier the Better.  Don’t Miss a Single Solitarily Moment.     Wake to the Smell of Fresh Baked Birthday Muffins. Warm and Sweet With Crazy Cupcake […]

Grown Up Treasure Hunt

It’s tough when your birthday falls on a Monday. Monday…really?! And being a young teen and straddling many worlds…that can be tough too. So…we had a Grown Up Treasure Hunt.   At Home.  Sunday Morning.  With the Family. We created a Treasure Tree…a branch, glass jar with shells to anchor the branch, clues numbered and hung […]

Treasure Hunt Birthday!

The best part of birthdays…if you’re 10…is the presents. Wrapped in glittery papers with bows. Stacked in piles that could reach the sky. But this birthday looked a little different.    Only a tiny jewelry box with an “OPEN” tag sat on the breakfast table. Inside the box were 10 tiny notes.  Funny Riddles!   […]